Pirate in the Womb


The Angel whispered into his unformed ears,

” I wouldn’t be taking a single class of yours till really long,

Direct orders from the Heavens,

Considered shall be Hell’s quota in the Faculty of Identities,

Factories that churn out futures,

Roll out puppets, good and bad,

Some misled on Satan’s path,

Some made up in a celestial seeming fad,

Some born to replenish climes,

Some blind to their changed beings,

Now, mere Hyenas, timidly hungry for dimes,

Till late in life, only the Devil shall be your teacher,

For no fault of yours, you shall be transformed deaf to every well-wisher,

To every saint, to every Holy preacher,

There’s something more that you should know,

Only in the womb, will you remain sinless,

Till death, you shall swim nameless,

O Thou poor seed of Sin,

I lament your years to come by,

For you shall burn in fame seeping out of Hades,

As you shall ripen more red,

Than the most celebrated Hunters on the Seas,

Metamorphosis shall strike you like a curse,

Leave you transfigured earless into an adder,

Will push you into the pit, off your conscience ladder,

Every time you hear cries to be spared, mercy pleas…


Only if there’s a change in the empyreal propaganda,

Can I ever reach out to your ears,

Hum in them songs that’ll teach you ways to preserve joys,

Hold on to your evaporating years,

To guarantee there’s none to handcuff your fun,

Will point out to you the difference in between  monstrous shadows and the Sun,

Will I be able to jerk you out of the fatal hypnotic spell,

One, that will get you from your birth,

Until then, rob you off your mirth,

Leave you with only bloody tales to tell,

It’s all part of a plan,

Woven exclusively for you, the chosen one from your entire clan,

So said minutes of a meeting in between Heaven and Hell,

A task for the Demon, ethereal,

For it needed Someone, who could wholeheartedly summon your destruction,

Something that He enjoyed more than everything else,

Something that He had to do, something that He could never miss,

From your womb, He had schedules for you till your tomb,

Your obedient Archfiend from the Abyss,

Only if there’s a change in the empyreal propaganda,

Can I stop you from plundering the oceans,

Bagging stranger riches, ruling tides on the run,

From Savannah to Sumatra…”





Images from : http://www.latoro.ru, http://www.sciencedaily.com


8 thoughts on “Pirate in the Womb

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  2. You know Debaroon, We are chosen to be pirates because this Ocean we travel upon is full of storms..Those storms are all part of our journey across the Ocean of Time..

    The Ship in which we sail is merely the Vessel in which we travel upon this Sea of Consciousness within this Realm of matter..

    You see well ….. We may all be born of the womb, but the Womb of our Earth Mother is the umbilical cord which binds us all together We all breathe her breath we all drink of her waters..

    Each soul embarks upon its birth with Free Will, and those of the higher realms call to us often… but those ears are plugged to those higher vibrations as the negative Dense Matter of Earth overshadows and we get lost amid the teachings we are born into…”” Only if there’s a change in the empyreal propaganda,”” Can stop those Pirates from plundering those newborn souls.

    A well written post Debaroon deep and thoughtful which packs it punch to make your reader think..

  3. Ahhh…Debaroon, your words are like hearty food for the Artists’ soul! Soul-Food… This is by far my favorite to date. I have to keep changing my favorites because you keep putting out extraordinary work! Inion’s favorite is: “Love Lagoons of Lankawi” which I also love, but “Pirate In The Womb” really speaks to me. The way you select each word and the way it fits so intricately next to its counterpart widening the breadth of your understanding as you read. You have an old soul my friend and to see the world from your eyes is truly an eye-opening & magical journey. We have shared with our networking friends, but also will be sharing your site and posts with our poetry group when we meet with them in May. I think our friends and fellow poets there, would love your work. Of course only with your approval. But if your okay with it, we would like to give them your name & site so that they can enjoy your work as well.
    And again, thank you so much for allowing us into your heart & soul, by sharing your work with us, to see the world as you do. You are a gifted writer.

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