5000 shines 1300 miles away…


Her soul is almost grated by dusk,

Strained is her pretty face,

Left behind are marks of stress,

Eagerly does she wait daily,

For her moment to rest her tired shoulders,

Off tons of official responsibilities,

To unveil herself for the day,

Put off her heavy corporate mask,

She’d to cook and clean,

All by herself after consuming hours at work,

A day packed with mind-boggling tasks,

Even after all this,

She took all the pain,

Sans, a thought of a loss or a gain,

Brought chocolate pastries to celebrate,




5000 visits on my MyLores.com,

For she knew well,

Thirteen Hundred miles away,

I am actually far from a bash,

No matter how big or small,

I wasn’t even sure,

If anybody else did even notice this humble feat of mine,

But this lady out of her love,

Or, maybe out of her passion towards my creation,

Or, her belief in my abilities, my words,

She made sure the moment was commemorated,

Thirteen Hundred miles away,

She made sure the day was celebrated…




Sitting at home far away,

I should imagine it this way,

Indebted to her, as I am,

Together, me and she,

Hand in hand, facing you my READERS,

We humbly bow,

Thank each and every one of You,

For all your support,

For making this day come true,

From our hearts, WE THANK YOU…





(This post is dedicated to all my readers, and nonetheless, Ms. Divya Gandhi, Reliance Retail, India)




Image from http://pics2.vampirefreaks.com


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