Florida Street LIVE !!!


Scaling shutters stretched a way, French Neoclassical,

Some open, some shut, some blinked witty high,

Some lost to illusory graffiti on biscuit cheeks,

Suited in different shades of cream,

Flaunting their European muscles, they sank in anonymous pride,

Chiseled Italian, the walls, stood arms in arms,

Towering Godfathers, ignorant of their forlorn present,

Burning fruitlessly in their aura,

Rubbed sticky with a balm, self-perceived Utopian,

Attention starved, tapping away their blues to beats of Tango,

Live on the cobbled sideways of Florida Street,

Touching up the atmosphere with a turpentine base of brown,

Rhythmic strokes on the canvas of Buenos Aires’ ‘Culture Crown’,

Shunning internal affairs to oblivion,

They put up a grin to cover,

Entertained jolly, they’re there to watch, forever…



Strummed guitars, cracked the drums,

Breathless sang flutes,

Violins stroked in pain,

Harps comforted weary brains,

They all joined in harmony,

From pavements, had a smitten multitude stop by,

Thigh taps of melody from every corner, every side,

Floral shirts, baggy shorts, three quarters and pastel linens,

Feet sandal clad thumping to the tune,

Souls free from bondages, make-up and fad,

Jammed music that could have you imagining,

Tom, Jerry and Chaplin strolling free,

Effortlessly, spitting out mute comedy,

Oozed talent from roadsides,

Beside stalls exhibiting aesthetics of the unknown,

In front of galleries for the ones, well known,

Corners of departmental stores,

Shopping Plaza ground floors,

They were everywhere,

Careless of their audience swell and shrink, shrink and swell,

Some donate out of gratitude, all impressed well,

Some simply shake free, stand by and enjoy,

Shop to the tunes, hog on needy culture fries…




(From Florida Street, Buenos Aires, famous for its street musicians, shopping arcades, culture hawkers, and restaurants. )




Images from :http://lh4.ggpht.com, http://www.cooltownstudios.com, http://suanneonline.blogspot.in/,http://worldcruise2010.travellerspoint.com

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