Art howls from Hosier Lane


Melbourne’s civilization stains,

Memories, memorable ones in glory and pain,

Lumps of historical dough palm-pressed and squatted flat,

Aging, dying, youthful and newborn emotions,

Worn by the lazy hound, the workaholic cat,

Embedded for everlasting attention for appearances sublime,

Jobless on Hosier Lane, memory sweepers of time…


Swallowed whole by a sea of graffiti,

Tsunamis of hues ramshackle this street,

By now, they have it amputated from the city,

Left behind are jostling thoughts,

Feats of the Saint and the Bad-Ass,

Fighting for space on that stony canvas,

Breathing anarchy, scaling endless,

Compositions engrossed in ceaseless altercations,

Boxing each other to catch your eyes,

This contest of contrast shall never end,

Walls conquered eternally, no teeth to defend,

Bricks and cement now left with no choice,

But to get to used to the acrylic stench,

To accept colorful pigments as their only friend,

Spray-painted images, dwellers on this lane, now permanent,

Like groups in a packed stadium helplessly screaming insane,

Unable to move, positioned in seats booked for life,

Illustrations tirelessly try captivating consumed minds,

Kissing away survival strategies,

Showcasing ways to discard the gun and the knife,

Ways to use the brush and the pen to fight,

Having them pause, absorbed in motley comfort,  

Lending them refuge in that long shade of shades in broad daylight,

Mistresses loyal, carefree of the Sun, and the rain,

Ready with their fix to transport every brain,

To tickle them surreal, caress them away into the unreal,

To rub off all their strain, hypnotically entertain,

To make sure you’ve never had enough,

Back and forth, up and down, to and fro,

No other place you would want to go,

Drowned in colors, is the way you’ll want to stay,

Your steps shall freeze, an inch, you wouldn’t want to sway,

From dawn to dusk, dusk to dawn,

You might wander spellbound, sleepless, wide-eyed without a yawn,

Ponder upon ways your spirit till now, has been spent in vain,

Addictive arms spread wide open in embrace,

Smiling gaudy with painted bins, cute on its face,

Awaits you, the Hosier Lane…





(Based on Melbourne’s famous ‘Hosier Lane’ known for its Urban Street Art. For more on this world famous street, visit :,_Melbourne )




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6 thoughts on “Art howls from Hosier Lane

  1. What lovely graffiti. And the words of your verse create a very interesting perspective.What jumps out at me are your closing lines, and I quote:

    “Ponder upon ways your spirit till now, has been spent in vain,
    Addictive arms spread wide open in embrace,
    Smiling gaudy with painted bins, cute on its face,
    Awaits you, the Hosier Lane…”

    What is it that makes us apprehensive that we have spent our passion and time in vain? What is the learning here?


  2. Firstly, I’m really thankful to you for reading up my posts, intricately… I really feel honored…

    I would love to let you know what was on my mind while I framed that sentence, ‘Ponder upon ways your spirit till now, has been spent in vain, …”

    Irrespective of all the success that we achieve in our lives, there always persists something that we could have done to utilize our lives, better. Something more that each one of us could probably have done…There’s never an end to it…

    Secondly, it also indicates towards the blind rat race that we end up sailing in, somehow or the other, unknown of the fact, at the end there is not little to gain…

    Thirdly, graffiti is a type of urban art that mainly depicts the times, voices of generations, unheard otherwise. Street graffiti mainly depicts laurels, needs of masses, episodes having justice murdered, death of noble souls, politics, and also mocks current affairs and the system.
    So, there’s a lot in those images all around you to make you feel there’s still a lot that is undone, till now a lot of your spirit has been spent in vain….

    I hope I could put across my thoughts, and I’m really happy to explain….

    Keep Reading
    God Bless
    Debaroon 🙂

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