Lost to my Instincts, Wild (Chapter II)


The Sun and the River are our Gods, he would now say,

For my safety in the jungle, risks around my beastly friends, he would pray,

But, distance crept in between us,

Fell apart our evenings, fell apart our days,

He’d befriended those noisy observers,

Those quacking monkeys,

His world now rose above the trees,

While, I spent the day,

Honing my skills to bite more fiercely than a gator,

Was learning to smell my instincts,

Amidst my new-found mates, Princes of the jungle,

I was training to find myself, discover my divine gifts,

Melting down my covers of spineless pamper ,

Was trying to excavate from my depths, a true, an untamable Predator…


With much difficulty, I brought him a deer’s thigh one day,

Had him winking his nose, shirking away,

Smell of blood, he simply couldn’t tolerate,

No blood laced uncooked flesh,

In our hut, no stench of the dead,

He clarified up and straight,

Also, that our eating apart,

Will never mean our love’s losing out on weight…


That dusk, we hunted something special in groups,

Entered the village, scared the fishing troops,

Human cries, then the thrills and the frills,

Freshers, led by ones seasoned to kill,

We stole a baby from the cot,

Chew a hen, left it dead to rot,

We pounced on a woman,

Slit her throat, got rid of her dress,

From her thighs and belly swollen,

Tore quite a lot of flesh,

Blood did never taste so good,

My whiskers fed red, in broad daylight,

I dreamt over my quenched appetite,

Humans should have been our staple food…


Addicted to that taste,

That pungent smell of the finest brains,

Soft flesh, on my teeth they left no stains,

Who’d kept me away from this bliss till so late?

These humans snatched a couple of my years,

Left me naked without hunting badges,

It is for them, that now I’ve had to start all over afresh,

It took me a lifetime to get back to my race,

For my destiny to lick luxury,

I’ve needed some real fate,

My new favorite dish that now has me hooked,

Has always been there, unnoticed, standing as my prize,

With my skills from the wild,

To be won and relished with pride…


With spears and guns, human hunters are on the prowl,

Tread cautiously, stay away from the village, advised the Owl,

Without human meat, I was getting cold feet,

My muscles tore, veins screamed in pain,

My body crumbled, gave up to my thirst for the mortal marrow,

Hours into the night, my deadly desire had me conquered,

Had me sinned, overlooked the sparrow,

Mourning wails from sobbing eyes on trees,

In grief, hung their tails,

I’d ripped apart love with my canines,

My boy’s blood dripped from my jaws,

Fuming real, I tried futile,

Tried hard to reach out for my lion’s pride,

Instead, I was pulled back into sweet rewind,

A sinner or only a beast from the bush?

It was an honest urge that shot to the skies,

Had wrapped me blind,

My Love only lost it to my Instincts, Wild…



(Scripted on a Sunday-noon-Dream dream dreamt by my father …)






Images from : http://malformalady.tumblr.com, http://www.notsorandommusings.com, http://www.tripadvisor.in, http://www.flickr.com/photos/tambako, http://halpinboys.blogspot.in

4 thoughts on “Lost to my Instincts, Wild (Chapter II)

  1. What jumped out at me are your lines:

    “I was training to find myself, discover my divine gifts,
    Melting down my covers of spineless pamper ,
    Was trying to excavate from my depths, a true, an untamable Predator.”

    As we train and improve ourselves, we also open up to where our passion and energy lies. So as we gain this awareness, what could we do to commit to being the “predator”, not merely trying?

    Very incisive verse.


  2. Thank You Shakti…I really did not expect a comment like this from for this piece though…Just a simple tale, an irony of emotions and the way we are originally.

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