Lost to my Instincts, Wild (Chapter I)


His hand caressed my mane,

Shared his innocent pain,

He would spend hours gazing the stars,

His mom shone the brightest,

Now, liberated, she twinkled free of earthly constraints,

She wept helpless at the plight of her little one,

A step-dad wouldn’t let this moment pass in vain,

He pinched my young master,

Poked his injury fresh, pinched his scar,

Soon, our urban lives came to an end,

Two legs and four paws,

Kicked out, were now walking out of the house,

Out of that city, past blinking lights, hydrogen and neon,

Not the place for a homeless kid and his lion…


Past the outskirts, into the wild,

In the forests, strange and out of place,

Roamed a tiny boy, fearless his round face,

I grew up on mosaic, timid and mild,

Useless is my roar, my tail and my skin are beastly costumes I only wore,

Unknown to this urban lion are techniques to hunt,

Beasts around growled at me, ceased my grunts,

Tired me out, sent me for runs,

Fruits in the morning, more fruits at night,

Laughed the baboon, birds, and the jackal at our plight…


A human, he could ride the tide,

He could smile and survive,

While I felt the shame,

Wandered hungry, threw up fruits, no one to blame,

For disposed carcasses, I had to sniff and roam,

I missed those timely stakes at home,

Till I stumbled upon a bunch of friends,

Born out of the wild,

For hunger, they would pounce, kill with a clawed thud,

Stalk their prey, unseen and unheard,

They could hunt, tear, scare and bite,

They had got their instincts right…


My story had them rolling in fun,

A mother dug out some meat for me,

She’d hidden, saved for her son,

On a walk back home, I showed them my master,

Sleeping naked on a bed tied to the trees,

He was chatting with the birds,

They were chirping back faster,

His closest pals, they were always in sight,

Both happy on fruits,

Digestive systems alike,

My new friends eyed lusty,

Tender human meat caught their eyes,

Mocked me for sleeping hungry,

Beside a platter of delicious turkey,

I warned them, he’s family,

You guys should better stay away,

Came up their witty whiskered smile,

I could read their minds,

“Fool, you can never suppress your instincts wild”,

For the day, I bade them goodbye…

Image    To be continued….


(Stay tuned for the next part of ‘Lost to my Instincts, Wild’…)





Images from : http://1funny.com, http://photography.nationalgeographic.com, http://www.pbs.org, http://hridoy74.deviantart.com, http://www.kptv.com)


4 thoughts on “Lost to my Instincts, Wild (Chapter I)

  1. I have been wanting to catch up with everyone I enjoy spending time with. You have a new background. Very thought provoking. And the swinging tree bed? Awesome! Aside from the bugs, and the furry little critters that might make a bed with me, it looks so comforting.
    You have a lot here to embrace and be happy for. Your creative juices keep flowing like a gentle stream.

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