Ride of Pride!!! (Chapter 1)


Shooed away her car,

Packed away her driver,

Her mood longed to bask in the Sun for a while,

Quench her thirst to engulf stills from her city,

One that she’d left as a child,

Her family, shied away from the crowd,

Pausing to stare at their foreign manners,

Aware of their accent, strange to Indian ears,

Conscious giggles leaked out,

Wrinkles smiled unbeatable out of layers of her thick make-up,

She pulled her son to her side,

Pointed towards the tube-station,

Her shoulders crumbled beneath sacks of pride for her nation,

“Look at the tube’s speedy crawls,

Through tunnels underneath, her glory,

On electronic bridges ruler-marking the dusty sky,

Out of stations sculpted from polished glass,

As if, green-flagged out of a shopping mall…”

Her husband in grins, then annoyed by her pinch,

Looked down in frowns, pulled too, he wouldn’t stir an inch,


Came up her taunt, splashed at him were buckets full of sarcasm,

“You call this ‘cheap transport’?

And, now have a look at the base, my dear,

You wouldn’t rate it less than an airport,

For my country, you no more have to worry,

For my city, you no more have to lament and fear,

They’ve stairs for fitness freaks,

Elevators for muscles lazy, bones weak,

Gone are only glimpses from the past,

My roots are shining,

Catching up with the world, pretty fast,

On high-end wings, we are riding into the future,

You’ll learn more as from South to North we soar,

As we reach out to my town’s heart,

To the face of Delhi, through beneath its belly,

Unseen this time, on this underground dart,

Miles in minutes, switch on your stop-watches, you can measure,

Come along guys; let’s go for a ride,

This one’s an experience to treasure,

Nostalgic for me, my family on my land, now or never,

I wouldn’t want any of us to miss out on this slice of sheer, Indian pleasure…



The NRI (Non Residential Indian) family, on their first visit back to their country, head on towards the metro-station for a ride…

Harsh reality awaited them inside…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          To Be Continued…





Image : http://projectm80.com, http://www.delhicapital.com, http://clarkhotels.com/blog/


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