UFOs from Love…


Twirling saucers,

Circular trays with jars of balm,

Dollops of affections, mobile,

Casks of her scent, iceboxes of her smile,

Whirled high, overlooked pastures,

Focused suicidal arrows, they penetrated the darkness,

They shot across deserted skies, like torpedoes,

Startled the Owl and the Bat,

Caught them off their trip,

They’d never seen anything as fast as these,

Awestruck they looked at the Heavens,

Both the junkie and the jackal,

Insomniac dogs howled,

Too slow to notice, then understand,

Wheeling and spinning, swoosh they went,

Concealed in supersonic speeds, hidden their hurry,

As they propelled, they exhaled to shake dumb trees,

Fluttered out of slumber, dumber shrubs and weeds,

Fooled, slept towns, meadows, dunes and tracks,

Mooed the cows, neighed the horses,

Whined the sheep in horror,

They all did see that flash, hear that whistle,

The morning will overflow with rumors of flying UFOs,

States conquered in seconds,

Terrains tried, changed and taken,

Wires to his house, then resting,

Taken by surprise, current smooched in,

Shuddered electric, back to work,

Shoved them straight into his block,

Took turns to head them towards his naked window,

Batted them into his dim lit room, one after the other,

None would miss, from far away she’d them engineered,

Out of lips, churning out ordinances for some 22nd century love,

Those kisses were fine-tuned with precision,

Plastered with a cement of well-thought decision,

Stored within are his images, bedridden poses all,

Spatttttt! They hit, sounds of suction rubbers sucked out of a wall,

Pointblank on his cheeks, lips, and forehead,

Those were targets, she’d set with lasers, infrared…









Images : http://abstract.desktopnexus.com, http://www.flickr.com/photos/ohsokoooky


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