Prelude to the Quake


This night wins Darkness,

Overthrown, dim shines Her throne,

Follows fate of the dying firefly,

Sobs over its dimming light,

Mourns a flickering end,

Mocks the Moon’s defeat,

The cocky Night Gladiolus,

Cursing she says, “Angel of the Abyss,

Hide your scars,

Don’t you dare shine,

Pull down your veil,

Shameless Star,

Dusk should’ve found you covered,

Now you shall boil jealous,

Watch me Resurrect,

My Birth shall challenge your Beauty,

Soon you shall disappear,

My floating lovers shall stab your rear,

Lock you in their dark maze,

In their foamy haze,

Eat you away from this atmosphere,

Heavy-eyed, did they touch down today,

Betrayed enraged, lashing whips of thunder,

They kissed two buds moist,

Tell her, if I’m lying,

It’s your turn, O Evening Primrose,

That kiss devoured your eclipse too,

Foamy lips swore you your luscious Renaissance tonight,

Condensed vapors, affection’s residue,

Evidence on you is the sweet untimely dew,

Tell the Moon,

These are her hours of Doom,

She shall envy us bloom,

Our steamy suitors would gulp her down soon,

Obfuscate her till dawn,

By then, she’ll lose it to their murk,

For we will be theirs,

Romance shall soak all countdowns,

Floating Princes of the Skies,

Overjoyed, we’ll bathe gorgeous,

Glow seductive,

Will ooze down our tender petals,

Their intermittent cries,

They’ll overdose on joy,

We’ll sway to their cracks and bursts,

Their lusty gales of love,

We’ll conquer the symbolic throne of belle,

Beam brighter in Van Gogh’s Starry Night,

She’s had her time,

The morn shall see this Macrocosm celebrate,

We shall be crowned,

Brides of the clouds,

Will laud us in bows,

Streams, the grass and the trees,

We’ll be the new Queens,

Only, you and me…”

Sarcastic shams echo,

Slaughter the hour’s quiescence,

Spiral up to the Moon,

Semi, crescent and then gone,

Pin-drop pitch dark,

Dogs howl, foxes bark,

Loathing this shift in royalty,

Weary under his humiliated loyalty,

The planet weeps, loss of vintage love,

Rebellious, it slides into Reverse…

Morning Headlines:

“Earthquake at night, rocks Jakarta out of slumber”






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5 thoughts on “Prelude to the Quake

  1. I don’t even know where to begin. I’m not sure if I’ve told you before. My daughter & I are novelist. But we also have two other loves. My daughter journalism, which is where she got her first love for the craft writing for her school paper. Myself poetry! I’ve been writing poetry my whole life. I’ve been around poets & musicians my whole life. And I have yet to come across someone who conveyed so much passion thru their words as I have with you! You are one talented young man. This poem is unbelievable Debaroon! I’ve just shared this on twitter and will be sharing it on facebook and with our group as well! I’m so moved by this I can’t even begin to dissect my favorite part of it like I normally do Debaroon. There’s so much of it that deserves to be discussed and weighed by like-minded fellow poets. So that’s what we will do with this. Allow others to hear it’s rhythm….it’s words! Excellent job my friend, once again!!

  2. Had to leave a short note: Loved the article /Guardian/UK/ Jim Morrison. He has always been a favorite of mine. Such a brilliant writer, such an old soul! I should’ve known you would also be a fan as well. Shared the “Guardians” article on twitter.

  3. I echo Inion’s thoughts. I am lucky to get one or two unctuous lines into a poem, yet you seem to have these power-packed imageries at your fingertips!! It truly amazes me how you describe things–and what article is she talking about?

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