Her Majesty revisits!


Could be a coveted Mumtaz,

Or, an alluring Cleopatra on a tour of the Taj,

In reflections of her cautious soul,

No eye could miss that touch of gold,

Behind that sweet rage, fluting red in her eyes,

Slithered from an exotic past, tales untold,

For few could sink into that marble glare,

Withstand the Tibetan Turquoise’ aesthetic flare,

Few could save winking blind,

Such was the fiery grace of that Lankan Sapphire,

To fit into that Mughal garden, stretching eternal,

A Paradise, in perpetual bloom, its chrome flowers,

Seducing every retina, flashed sight, those Persian vines,

Vowed the Marble, white, by its polish, Immortal,

By its Jewels tarnished Priceless with love, it swore,

In perch on her Crystal floor,

Flashing her belief in its plasters,

Its strength to shield a historic amour,

From the darkest tempests of time,

To render it imperishable against all worldly climes,

With an indigo sheen on her aqua feathers,

Was no spirit, humdrum,

Even, Nature took a lull,

Chose a humble surrender,

Frowned summer, hid her brows,

Held hot winds away in shame,

Ensured shade amidst those steeples,

For it too, sensed her divinity,

Her unchallenged charm,

Royalty dripping from her feathers,

A vintage taste familiar, it felt it too,

No fowl to snatch the peacock’s crown,

This was some lustrous Queen from the past,

Only, failing to conceal her oozing virtue,

Now balanced proportion by the Taj,

On its intangible, yet indisputable scales of beauty,

She flapped her lashes, blinked with pride,

Awaited her ambrosial chance,

For her worthy King in a lame democracy, her true admirer,

To recognize whom, shall suffice her single glance,

The one with a vision in this sea, blind,

Amidst souls dangling futile to short-lived trance,

The one chivalrous, elegant and clever,

The one that craved glory in permanence,

The one that could engrave her love, forever,

Fly along, beak in beak, feather on feather,

Into the time-ridden lands of amaranthine romance…


(From surreal courtyards of the Taj Mahal, Agra, India.)



Image : http://www.flickr.com/photos/pixartisan


4 thoughts on “Her Majesty revisits!

  1. We have several mating pairs of Wood pigeon come visit our garden and the are magnificent in every detail of plumage and stature
    I love how you have weaved your poem around the bird but suggested she be a soul visiting, looking at her domain in regal stance ..
    Your gift Debaroon is extraordinary in that your words flow in eloquence and richness in their diversity of subjects..
    I hope you are thinking of publishing your poems at some future date.. They would be well received..
    Thank you for dropping in at Dreamwalkers, I am always pleased you visit 🙂

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