The Bard of Mohenjo-Daro


Sons and Daughters of the Holy Indus,

It’s time to pray to the River,

It’s time to thank Her, to deliver,

For this existence, this chance to breathe on her banks,

Insufficient are granaries full of gratitude,

With folded hands, gather in a multitude,

I shall sing, and you will repeat what you hear,

Rattles the Divine bell,

Now that the Sun shines vertically over the Citadel,

Summons you all at the Bath,

Let me remind you, once again,

Sons and Daughters of the Holy Indus,

Futile is your anger, useless are your arrows,

The Indus sculpts you more innocent than sparrows,

To love, gentle are you born,

You’ll never know how to savagely scorn,

On these plains, the most fertile on this sphere,

You’re there only to entertain, create and admire,

Your destinies are free from violent mires,

My people, you’ll always be losing out on time,

For the moment the River loses her temper,

She’ll devour you all, along with your clime,

So, Come, Gather around me,

On the stairs and the rocks of the Great Bath,

Together, let us pray to the sacred Indus,

Your voices shall sound one, soar as a rhythmic uproar,

Shall follow our oath to despise joys of Gold,

Our promise to humbly thrive,

Ink, and carve our strategies to survive,

To learn from Her destructive tides,

That life’s perishable, outright,

Everything we win is evanescent,

Our losses, grief, and smiles too, are transient,

One day Her rage shall consume us all,

Till then, let us build indestructible walls,

Ones that would survive Her floods,

Wouldn’t rust away like our flesh and blood,

Sons and Daughters of the Holy Indus,

Raise your voices to reach her depths,

Only your prayers shall keep you away from your graves,

Prophesied below her bed, in tranquil marine burrows,

So, Come, Gather around me,

Tongue my words,

To calm Her waters, soothe Her nerves,

Open your eyes to the celestial path,

For only worship can steer away your wrath,

Sing along, with the Bard of Mohenjo-Daro…



(From the year 2570 BC in the ancient city of Mohenjo-Daro, present day Pakistan.

Mohenjo-daro was successively destroyed and rebuilt at least seven times. Each time, the new cities were built directly on top of the old ones. Flooding by the Indus is thought to have been the cause of destruction.

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6 thoughts on “The Bard of Mohenjo-Daro

  1. Your words run as smooth as the water flowing over the empty river-bed as you fill your reader with knowledge.
    Showing that Nature teaches us all many lessons, but does Mankind head her warnings?
    Water is revered and is worshipped all over the world, even in my own village as a child we celebrated Well Dressings,
    This is my childhood village..

    You have captured the peace and told a story that says Man will never win with his arrows and wars, for Nature is all powerful.. All peaceful… and will eternally be stronger..
    A beautiful poem Debaroon.. Thank you

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