Reverie for Unplugged Misery


Over Tuxedo shoulders,

Above the stream of heads,

Flowing in through the entrance,

Past that watchman,

Outside into the parking,

Into the void beyond,

She would stare, pause,

At timely intervals,

Until, a friendly poke borrowed her moment,

Aware, he wasn’t on his way,

Must be traveling back home,

Must be aboard a bus,

On his way back from his pal’s wedding,

So what? She chose to sway surreal,

His phone switched off,

This complete absence was new,

She couldn’t take it anymore,

Her eyes needed a direction, off that crowd,

A vacuum to gaze at,

A space, sans the glimmer,

Where she could imagine him present without a reason,

Shod and suited to stand out,

Uninvited, Unexpected, A stranger,

In her wide-eyed dream, he stood there,

Smiling, hoping,

Now, she’ll be able to enjoy her friend’s marriage,

Relaxed, overjoyed and relieved…


That reverie didn’t last long,

A new morning,

Sleep-starved, Clueless, Worried,

She marks a Mindless Presence at work…

More than 1000 miles away…


Shut away on the move, for the night,

On his way back,

Packed in a Volvo without electricity,

Without a single drop of cellular battery,

Shun from the world,

This complete absence was new,

He couldn’t take it anymore,

Refuge in slumber,

Pleading it to quickly roll him past those long hours,

Drive him to the dawn…

Down from the bus,

Plunging metro,

Falling a subway rush,

Down from north to the heart of his own city,

He hurries back home,

The phone on charge,

For enough green power to switch on,

Tensed, seated, he waited…





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4 thoughts on “Reverie for Unplugged Misery

  1. What a story you weaved…did that happen? and what relief when she knew he was ok!… excellent, I felt the emotion… very descriptive Debaroon .. Wishing you a beautiful weekend ~Sue

    • Hey, I’m glad u cud feel it for I weaved it to be smoothly felt…
      Ya it did happen..lolllll….oxoxo…
      U stay good too….Thanku

      Thankss Gys… 😉 m hppy :)))

  2. I adore this!! The “She said” – “He said” aspect is super clever, and came at just the right moment for me–as a reader. It shows me both sides of a generally one-sided story—aka the love poem. Awesome word choice as ever.

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