Beneath the gloomy cosmos dark,

Tornadoes and tempests continue to ravage my chest,

Sabotage my heart,

Do they lash, bash, cause tremors within,

O Boundless River,

Show me my sins,

You have me sinking,

You’re inundating me away,

O Boundless River,

Your rage shall devour me,

In you shall drown my ruins,

No boundary seems to disarm you,

Not one to confine,

Soon, you shall have me, sunk,

Shall have me, inundated,

Irretrievable from your bottomless shine…


Not an end in sight,

No banks, no crook,

No shore can I see,

My boatman, row carefully,

We’ve to keep afloat,

Pull out some dexterity,

Mine’s a broken boat,

O Boundless River,

No limit seems to restrict you,

Not one to block you, have you restrained…


Your currents might dump me,

Into calm tasteless waters,

Or, into tides of the mighty ocean,

O Boundless River,

There’s something that you should know,

You’ll waste your anger this time,

Shall sail on you, only an empty tin in motion,

To your waters, have I lost the rest,

Golden years, souls the best,

Helpless, you forced me watch lame,

Gaze in tears at my life’s timepieces floating away,

Have had them sunk in your depths,

And see, now you don’t even remember,

The way it is, no one knows,

No one notices,

Our futile surrender,

O Boundless River,

No boundary seems to disarm you,

Not one to confine,

You have me sinking,

Soon, you shall have me, inundated



(This piece is inspired from the famous Bhatiyali * track, “Amaye Bhhashaaili Re (You’re inundating me away)” with lyrics by the famous Bangladeshi poet, songwriter, prose writer, folklore collector and radio personality, Jasimuddin, originally sung by Abbasuddin Ahmed.

* Bhatiyali – Bhatiyali is a traditional boat song, sung by boatmen while going down streams of the river, as the word Bhatiyali comes from Bhata meaning ebb or downstream. It is a traditional form of folk music born in undivided Bengal, having roots both in West Bengal (India) and Bangladesh.


For more on poet Jasimuddin, visit :,

For the song, visit :

The original village version:

For more information on this genre of music, and Famous Bangladeshi Singer, Runa Laila’s version: )

For the lyrics (In Bengali, a language of East India, and Bangladesh): )


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