Mountain Bus Driver


Nature’s challenge,

He wins,

Takes away life and destination,

He loses,

Scales down to his end,

Till out of sight into the deep ravine,

On his performance,

Clings a bus full of lives,

On every steer of his,

On every inch that he rolls,

Squeaking diesel, up and down the hill,

When the road spirals stiffer,

Narrows, turns steeper,

No matter the visibility or the hour,

Snow in the day, pitch dark at night,

Or, hazy noons and nights with chilly showers,

With that wide-eyed insomniac stare,

He carries a sleeping, stretching, chatting, yawning herd,

On his shoulders, wheeling risky uphill,

Protruding sharp edged rocks,

Apple trees, Milestone blocks,

They all respect and know this alert tiger,

Unsung remains his skill,

Pale, unadorned remains his craft,

No medals, No stars does he deserve,

Not a token of our gratefulness,

Not a hug of gratitude,

Unvexed, Unstirred, Graying Unhailed,

Rambles on the Mountain Bus Driver…





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8 thoughts on “Mountain Bus Driver

  1. Stunning Pics Deb !! So refreshing to read your verse 🙂 Must have had a wonderful time in the mountains. I really don’t get as much time to blog these days… nice to read your blog 🙂

  2. Wow what a poem, and my stomach did a double turn as I viewed that drop… If you went on the bus in front.. Brave YOU!…. You have given us a delight here with your descriptive story and photos 🙂

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