Without You


Inutile, lies pale my stretch,

You’re exercising refrain,

And, here I pose,

Wasted, amidst disposed wires,

Away from the lights,

In the darkness,

Faded, meek gone the pitch,

I can barely hear the rock ‘n roll,

Below wings of the stage,

Unused, rusting away strained,

I have lost your touch,

For your rhythmic strokes,

Mute wails seep out through my barren membrane,

When they perform without me,

I miss you the most for it kind’ a pricks,

Only, had you not gone missing,

My sleek wooden sticks,

Without you this handsome drum,

Has no tune to it,

No bangs, jigs or beats,

Can never be part of a gig,

Without you,

Worthless, my fame,

Rumors then, my indispensability,

Without you,

Forgotten, my medals of percussion,

Soundless my existence,

Dead are my cells of utility,

Without you,

I can make no music…




Image from : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drum


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