Speedy winds whistled,

Together, they hissed wise,

Gleamed a Crystal Earth, shone chiseled,

Signaled an existence frozen lull,

For Nature, they chose cowardice,

The stray Husky stared confused,

Scared, wagged her tail, panicked dull,

Squeaked mute, smelled annihilation nearby,

To icy gales, she begged, she cried,

Nowhere could I see an Eskimo pass,

Her hooded masters, newborns to fresh green grass,

Seeds of that devouring wilderness,

They were used to her madness,

For them, she had sent forth her winds,

Lashing on speeding chariots of glass,

Scaling to the skies, traveling white miles first-class,

Blinding fellow creatures crystalline,

Scrubbing along the pole’s face, pumping adrenaline,

Whistling her way off to Paradise,

Safe from Hell’s King of ice,

Winds screeched icy pain,

Screamed for help that frigid terrain,

Fresh graves, they dug themselves, those sly dirty bears,

Trained to survive oscillating polar fears,

Deserted, her snow paled yellow,

Wrapped breathless in shades of ivory,

The land awaited her fate,

Her memories till this day,

Tales of farthest hunters and their prey,

Would perish to resurrect afresh, be buried dignified,

Like a bubble, the glacial tempest swelled, an ice-storm magnified,

A new dawn, new creation, unstoppable,

A perilous end is zooming out to bite, blooming unfathomable…




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6 thoughts on “ANDARKTICA

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  2. What is it Debaroon that makes you explore such fundamental polarities as evidenced in these lines?

    “A new dawn, new creation, unstoppable,

    A perilous end is zooming out to bite, blooming unfathomable…”

    Does a new dawn always have to do with a perilous end? What is it we could do to retain aspects, both old and new, which serve?

    Loved your post! You are very good.


  3. As usual, I enjoy answering you Shakti…So here goes my explanation…

    I spoke about an ice-storm, a windy avalanche, which when hit that terrain, ensured that it buried everything beneath new layers of snow. It kind of wiped out every thing living, only remained barren sheets of ice.
    So, it erased life, and thwarted out a new bed for life to crop out again, on. So the new dawn, new creation is inevitable in this case, when the storm actually hits…
    And, yes for new creation, necessary is destruction, for the former is only the next stage.

    If you have observed avalanches and ice-storms, you must have noticed the tempest kind of erupts, explodes, accelerating force and its power to shave surroundings. When particles of ice hit your skin, they pinch you, give you frost bites, hence my expression.

    Blooming unfathomable is for the storm that grows powerful, perilous beyond control.

    If there is some other way, destruction can be stopped, there can be nothing better…Only, if it gets a bit too late, and the storm finally slaps our face, shoves us towards the end, can we think about new creation.

    These are moments, too late….

    Thank You Gys, Thanks again Shakti…..

    God Bless 🙂

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