Free Tibet


Shaved Holy, breathing effigies burn,

Up in flames they go,

One by one, they take turns,

Ignited figures dance away pain,

Melting hands catch a wildfire,

Blazing, up to the skies, they wave in vain,

Skins, flesh in flames, the horizon,

Dusk on the Kanchenjunga,

That Sunset behind those peaks,

Together, yell orange,

Smoldering monks cry cooked,

Bounce self-torched on the border,

Mountains on both sides absorb their screams,

They burn for their dream,

Their cause has abundant fodder,

For peace they perish,

To paradise on the toughest ride,

The Northern clime shall lament,

The Sun shall weep lame, helpless,

Like those baby-kissers,

It too, shall gaze hamstrung,

Chained till Dawn, behind bars of its rocky bed,

Shall echo their shrieks, that brown terrain,

For countries to lend their ears, to hear,

Free Tibet, Free Tibet, Free Tibet!!!


Ash on rocks remain,

Who cares?

The meekest wind blows them off the cliff,

Into oblivion, unnoticed they disappear…


Who cares?

Damn! That Joke! Free Tibet!!!


(Dedicated to the movement, ‘Free Tibet’ that has experienced the practice of self-immolation turning out to be one of its primary tools for raising up its voice of rebellion, wails for Independence.“

Tibet-is a plateau region in Asia, north-east of the Himalayas, in the People’s Republic of China, source:

For more, visit:

Free Tibet Campaign –

Self-Immolations by Tibetans-


My beloved Readers, you can also look up this track by the group Highlight Tribe, ‘Free Tibet’ , it gave me the very background to imagine Monks, burning, against the Tibetan peaks,



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