Moments Momentary


Swim encircling us,

To infest the air around,

They imitate schools of Tuna,

Breed uncountable, multiply unbound,

Scores of Shallow Emotions,

Ones that demand little Devotion,

The ones easy to pick, choose, let go,

The dance, the rain, the grins, and the tears,

Then, curtains down, awaited is a new show,

No more hearts hurt, no more separation fears,

A few cozy rides, hungry munches together,

Then, sob our buds craving Hypothetical Perfection,

Seeps in Irritation, seeps out Suffocation,

A quick Start, a quicker Depart,

Boredom splashed on each other,

Gloomy souls gloomy, till they disrobe their soiled attire,

Soon, cuts away the paleness, flows in fresh weather,

Memories languish like Skins of the Adder,

Cherished is only the Present,

Moments are no more Evergreen, Forever…




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