There for His Flower…


Against the blue sphere,

Over acres of yellow farm,

Tall, and high, overlooked,

Soul mate of the Sun,

She lent an attitude, pompous,

Babbled her class, her royal lineage,

Will all the power her lover shone,

Immortal from its celestial throne,

Rains would come and go,

Only breaks for him from a ceaseless show,

After every heavy, dark and torrential shower,

He would once again return, retain power,

Heat up the earth, her children, sweet and sour,

Send glaring signals to even her man-made towers,

Rush his rays of ardor to His gorgeous love, shivering pale,

His sweetheart, stooping gloomy, panting weak,

Rub dewdrops off her cheeks, her yellow petals,

With a fiery embrace of reassurance, warm her seeds,

This land is all for her to rule,

For He will never be gone, forever,

Shall adorn her bloom, perpetual,

Her existence from Him, an evergreen affair, mutual,

Till the end of time,

Till darkness conquered both, our days and nights,

A proposition, almost impossible,

Eternally, shall she be His Queen,

His canvas of emotions, his flower, the Sunflower…



[My name ‘Debaroon’, literally refers to ‘The Sun-Lord’ (Deb= The Lord + Aroon= The Sun), in Sanskrit.]



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9 thoughts on “There for His Flower…

  1. Very nice… Love the meaning for for your name. It’s always interesting to know things like that especially from other cultures/languages. (I’m not sure, I think mine means Stubborn, someone who speaks their mind and possibly opinionated…LOL) 😀

  2. A Cut Flower
    Karl Shapiro

    I stand on slenderness all fresh and fair,
    I feel root-firmness in the earth far down,
    I catch in the wind and loose my scent for bees
    That sack my throat for kisses and suck love.
    What is the wind that brings thy body over?
    Wind, I am beautiful and sick. I long
    For rain that strikes and bites like cold and hurts.
    Be angry, rain, for dew is kind to me
    When I am cool from sleep and take my bath.

    Who softens the sweet earth about my feet,
    Touches my face so often and brings water?
    Where does she go, taller than any sunflower
    Over the grass like birds? Has she a root?
    These are great animals that kneel to us,
    Sent by the sun perhaps to help us grow.
    I have seen death. The colors went away,
    The petals grasped at nothing and curled tight.
    Then the whole head fell off and left the sky.

    She tended me and held me by my stalk.
    Yesterday I was well, and then the gleam,
    The thing sharper than frost cut me in half.
    I fainted and was lifted high. I feel
    Waist-deep in rain. My face is dry and drawn.
    My beauty leaks into the glass like rain.
    When first I opened to the sun I thought
    My colors would be parched. Where are my bees?
    Must I die now? Is this a part of life?

    (I wanted to share, Deba–you can delete after you read, if you want. 🙂

  3. Sunflowers are so magnificent loved how you worded this Deba – Soul mate of the Sun…. Perfect! …

    ( Apologies for not getting around to comment much, I have been extra busy, But I do so enjoy reading all your poems and posts as they come into my phone email.. Many thanks for all that you share… Keep bringing us the Sun! with your words my friend )

  4. You are so thought provoking in how you write and speak. The poem is magnificent. And your heart is as well. I pray for the peace and light you all need as we do. The fact that you write so beautifully tells me so much. Stay safe friend

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  6. Oh Karen…Thank You so much for sharing that beautiful poem, it brings in a whole new meaning and value to my page…..I’m so so honored….speechless..ThankYou

    Sue, I’m glad more than ever as usual to see your comment. Hey, it’s not a problem, I’m grateful whenever you visit…You know what, I have started working, n trust me I’m like sucked out of all my juices n brains by the time I return late at night…So even I am not being able to sink deep enough to write the way I do….

    This one I wrote at work…So I guess, slowly I’ll get used 2 multi-tasking, I’m just a lil scared of writing without being able 2 sink deep enough,,,,I wanna b dead honest dere…

    Keep reading Sue, I shall wait 4 ur comments, always…..U visit or u don’t……Take Care..God Bless….u rockkkk

    Soumya and Yisraela , guys thank you very much for finding this meaningful. I’m so happy that you could feel the way I did,,,,Keep Reading..

    For all your comments. I really really feel honored, and happy……:)

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