My City Dies

“…I’m sure there’ll be more to cry for,

There’ll be more for us to see…”

Courtesy: ” Disrespecting ‘Her’, the Indian way… ” (

And, here we are, with more to see…


One of the oldest civilizations,

Isn’t much civilized as yet,

Gone the heartless Nazis,

Gone a ruthless Somalia,

Gone a greedy Latin America,

Gone lethally blind, an unfortunate Syria,

Now, all set to go, India,

Barbaric lust molds savages in here,

Are these men? Are these human beings?

Do they belong to the same land of faith, bards and kings?


We’re growing vampires,

Did I not tell you?

There’ll be more of their victims,

More for us to lament on,

And, there you see,

How monstrous have they turned?

They Devoured a five-year old,

Dishonored her Fatally, out of Lust,

Tore her genitals apart,

Quenched their thirst for feminine meat,

Corked it with a little bottle and candles,

Left her to writhe in pain, and rot,

 They Devoured a five-year old,

Dishonored her Fatally, out of Lust…


Did that child know what happened?

Did she know why did they hurt her?

Did she know why did they bleed her?

Did she know the meaning of lust?

Did she know what being a woman, was all about?

Was she aware of a woman’s foremost duty?

Of a woman’s pricey obligation in this country?

Was she aware of the meaning of pleasure?

Or meaty gratification, whatsoever?

They Devoured a five-year old,

Dishonored her Fatally, out of Lust…


She follows her unsuccessful successor into the ICU,

My City Wept then,

Thereafter, My City Rebelled,

All futile, All useless, All hopeless,

We shall breathe in, breathe out, breathe on,

In this sea of Apathy,

We shall crave, beg for a drop of Humanity,

Wait and watch,

For now, we want to believe it or not,

We survive in a Dead Clime,

With each new dawn now,

We hear our girls and ladies cry,

As uniformed hooligans try burying sins,

Paint absolute anarchy,

They Devoured a five-year old,

Dishonored her Fatally, out of Lust,

Splashed at us, are buckets full of disgust,

Now soaked in filth,

We’ll watch with lame eyes,

As, robbed clean off its soul,

Shoved towards a shameful end,

Now, My City Dies…



(An enraged expression from an Indian, a resident of Delhi.)

For more on the heinous crime :

Rape of a five year old: Protests in Delhi again(

Protests build in New Delhi after child rape(

A Scary, and a Humiliating Fact:

336% rise in child rape cases in India since 2001(


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7 thoughts on “My City Dies

  1. My heart bleeds for this baby girl as well as all of those in your country who just want peace without someone having to always trying to be the ‘MOST POWERFUL” and punishing the innocents. We have that here too : ( it’s just that our media doesn’t let it out much…

  2. my city, your city their city die…. sometimes every day, sometimes every hour….who cares? too busy with their own battles? who has time? empathy? those who cared were slapped and man handled…. any hopes for these dying cities?

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