Holed, ventilated,

Stale sore chrome,

Made-up in stains, smothered for permanence,

More his skin, less of a shirt,

His only cover, tearing and wearing away,

Bonded him, his cloth, forever,

Innocence from a distance,

An ill-clad close-up,

Diverted haywire, unwilling,

Under life’s pressure,

Sank his little cerebrum,

Tuned to waste, till now,

Into serving those sighing hours,

Sweetening brew for corporate ants,

Smoke for ones, booted busy,

Whistling sobs, abandoned by his attention,

On that clay fire,

Compelled, seared his fate,

Boiled the charred pan,

His eyes had me held,

My moves, my speech,

The way I sipped,

Everything was noted,

Concentrated on,

Those dreamy eyes,

I could read them crystal-clear,

Musing a proposition, seemingly impossible,

Visualizing himself well-shod in my shoes,

Engaged mentally, a presence blank,

Chasing the day’s end in head,

Only a mindless stance in checks and stripes,

Out from towers of duty,

On a tea-break,

Someday, on my side,

Someday, on the other side…



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3 thoughts on “Someday!!!

  1. Wow, Debaroon. What a poem! I get this, I think, if I presume to say. I recently read a book called: Beyond the Beautiful Forever’s by Katherine Boo–that followed the life of a boy living in a slum that bordered the airport. The author embedded herself in an extremely poor area of India (forgive me if i can’t recall the specific area just now) and detailed the truly appalling conditions young people are forced to endure just to survive. It spoke of snorting White Out? Have you ever heard of such a thing? And how people compete for rights to trash pick for money and so forth. This author is a Pulitzer winner, too.

    Anyway. Your poem brought me right back there. Huge impact. You should read this book! Or maybe write another such–even more true portrayal…* she says, brainstorming aloud *

  2. Loved this Debaroon, it speaks of longing, aspiring, dreams, and hopes.. We each need to have those dreams, Some who hold their intentions close to their hearts make walking along within a similar pair of shoes possible.. Everything IS possible should the desire to change one’s circumstances be strong enough..
    Such are the great poets, artists-writers born.

    Wishing you a Great Earth Day Debaroon………. love the above comment too 🙂 by Charron’s Chatter.. ~Sue

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