Life went haywire,

Leaped across ‘NO ENTRY’ wires,

Ever since then,

Speeding and slowing on alleys, forbidden,

There has been no looking back,

No respite from emotions grey to black,

No more remembered how life seemed on the right track,

On lanes to cushy lands, to gold mines,

Where on mires of compromise, love shines,

Blotted out was a smell favorable,

Blurred, and faded dreams flashing my existence as a perfect fable,

Nowhere in sight was a shore,

I yearned for a direction to oar,

No compass to assure my way,

Years, since I left that poisonous bay,

I had been sailing astray,

The feel of a fecund tread, abandoned,

Smiled alien from sidewalks, had me stranded,

Peeped out of exemplary pockets,

From behind crowns on flourishing sockets,

Assurance of my choice,

Approval of the way I tailored my fate,

Played dog and the bone with me,

Reflected from one to the other,

Had me chase them in vain,

Lost in a maze of mirrors,

Until that hour,

When she arrived with her earthquake,

To shatter those sly glass panes,

To be my milepost, my lighthouse in sight,

To have a confident me,

Grin lucky, steer carefree,

Gradually, sink into the auto-pilot mode,

Along with her propitious presence,

She brought me back my essence,

Restored it with the finest clay,

Looks brand new now,

As if, it was never lost to dismay…



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8 thoughts on “SIGNALS

  1. and you know–this ties with that which came after. It isn’t all wine and roses…that’s for sure. But then–no course worth pursuing in Life is. Have a great night, Deba. Nice to “see” you before I log off. Peace, my brother across the sea.

  2. Like the earth within our soul, what wakes without sleeping words nor to grind, poetry to our histories.. It’s good how we can capture in a few moments with poetic voice, where we are at from time to time. How’s your world, Debaroon?

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