Sins for Sale


Waves of crime soar high,

Rising, sans a sigh,

Rapes and murders shriek on celluloid,

Even, when the power is gone,

Those devilish soaps are still on,

On screens of Android,

Real demons of a Real society,

Are in the limelight regularly,

The evil is lucrative,

Sins are seductive,

It’s all a part of a bigger plan,

Paint us dirty with our dirt,

And, riches shall rain electronic,

On the media clan…


A glimpse of an elderly,

And, jumps up a young lad,

Pleads to offer his seat, a smiling fad,

I see this happening a dozen times,

Every day on the metro in all climes,

Ask the oldies, mothers with little babies,

You’ll know, you’ll realize,

Our goodness has been overshadowed,

Our blemishes have been glorified,

It’s time we stopped drawing macro-conclusions,

It’s time we learnt not to generalize,

It’s time we stopped overeating reality to switch unreal,

It’s only business for the media,

Sins are for Sale in India…




Images from :http://i1154.photobucket.com

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