Beautiful Pain


Beautiful Pain restless on that White Bed,

Stripped off her gloss, her Medals, instead,

Hiding her Agony from her only ones,

She drinks Denial, through her veins it runs,

Hard on Love, ‘on a break’ her Fate,

Careless her soul mate,

Enough of words distant and frail,

Soon shall exhaust out that medical smell,

Shall slither down the White Robe,

Happy linens will swarm in from a Colorful Wardrobe,

It’s never Unfair for the Golden Heart,

Her ailment shall Surrender,

She’ll breathe the rain,

Dance and Drench, once again,

She has to hear that first crackling of thunder,

On her toes, she’ll have her share of Fresh Starts…


(Dedicated to a friend and packed with all the wishes for her health and her life ahead.)



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