Bake me Fake!


The show is on,

On the floor is your Moron,

Come! Bake me Fake,

Forget the flame,

Pull on your favorite game,

Exploit me for God’s Sake,

Why aren’t you acting insane?

On the dry bed of my sea of Fate,

Hiss and piss, make me hate,

Then have my tongue hanging out,

Watch saliva oozing down my pout,

Lure me with your meat.

Turn on my heat,

Then, have me helpless, enraged,

Locked behind Time’s Binding Gate,

Left alone with the Mistress of Stress,

To bathe in her serving skills,

Lick her frail thrills,

Then, showcase my daily Mundane Drills,

On an Undesired, an Expensive Date…





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