My White Mare


Gallops in my White Mare,

Arrogant, she seems to have pledged,

Won’t let me stand and ogle,

Swifter than the clouds, faster than the Hare,

She’ll swim the oceans, run the land,

Preserve me dry, on my skin those crystals of sand,

We’ll wade across the Bay of Bengal into Port Blair,

On to those blue beaches shining to conceal the Human Zoo*,

She seems to have promised herself,

She’ll fetch me love, truck and boat me to your Lair,

Gallops in my White Mare,

Arrogant, she seems to have pledged,

Enough of your absence, now she’ll dare,

She’ll piggyback me to you, make it fair,

Have you “a statue with a wide-eyed stare”,

She’ll piggyback me to the End of this Nightmare,

Gallops in my White Mare…



*Human Zoo – The Andaman and Nicobar Islands on the Bay Bengal is a popular tourist locale, famous for letting tourists tread into its interiors to catch a glimpse of a multitude of scattered and rare ethnic tribes in their natural habitat.

Lately, the court has banned all commercial and tourism activities within a five-km radius of the Jarawa Tribal Reserve on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.  For more, visit:



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4 thoughts on “My White Mare

    • If der’s so much faith, there shall be a horse as faithful, if there’s something called fate, she’ll take me on wings of will, if it doesn’t happen, know it already has in my words…

      Thankuuuuuuuu for reading…. 🙂 am so honoured…

  1. As always I’m touched by how you say things. Your word choice is great=)

    Just want to give you a heads up, Monday I’m running a post that nominates you for the Sunshine Blogger award. It’s for blogs that positively inspire others. I definitely believe you do that=) Keep it up.

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