Winds of Change


Howls that black sky,

Waves our moments hot and dry,

Our warmth, our heat is biding a final goodbye,

The winds of change have set in,

Hearts have stoned, it’s no more hurting,

Those clouds have shed their pretence,

Out is their decision to weep off your absence,

You can no more tell my tears from droplets of rain,

Disguised, shielded mechanized, blooms my pain…




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12 thoughts on “Winds of Change

  1. “You can no more tell my tears from droplets of rain”……. too many tears are being shed… So I hope soon yours will dry as the sky stops dropping her own tears upon those who have shed enough……..
    my thoughts are with you and all those who are having such a terrible time in the rains…

    Sending you a rainbow from my heart to yours in the hope it shines colour once again into your life.. 🙂

  2. Hearts have stoned, there is no more hurting…oh such heavy hearted words. Yet when that condition sets in and it has for people throughout time, the hurting is only numbed. But still exists. We only distance ourselves and that isn’t healthy as much as it is needful at times. I sometimes feel so sad for you. I wish you well, I wish you peace, I wish you love and completeness always

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