Her Ride of Innocence


Swimming across waves of mistrust,

Fishing in Mumbai’s devilish waters of greed and lust,

Withstanding overpowering tides of smartness, therein,

She found her soul ageing in the rain,

Tired gazing at that lovelorn crowd,

That tried in vain for a little affection, day in day out,

Copulation shows rolling around,

A world losing out on emotions, authentic and sound,

She decided that Sunday,

To beat back her years for one day,

Sketch back her childhood,

Her days of mirth, mischief and complains,

She sat giggling to paint,

Amongst children tall to her knees,

Her skirt ate colours and curled a crease,

The Hill, the Mountains and that Hut reappeared,

Shone raw celestial architecture in basic pastel shades,

On that A4 sheet simplicity raged a raid,

A shot of life right through her veins,

Smeared tiny droplets of hatred within without the pain,

A nostalgic ride through her pages of time,

When Emotions were Purer, more Refined,

And, Happiness was immaculately Sublime…













Debaroon’ 2013

(Dedicated to a friend, one who truly inspired me with the way she’d spent her Sunday in the city of Mumbai, India. )




Image from :http://indiandevelopmentfoundation.blogspot.in

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