Reader’s Love 6


When the God of Death appeared in blood and flesh,

Stood up firm this friend of mine,

His shoulders stretched broad and wide,

His feet firmly to the ground,

He declared, acted fair,

“It’s not my time, as yet,”

The Deity had made it so far,

She couldn’t return empty handed,

Not before a worthy try,

He fought her wrath,

Bid death a goodbye,

Sent Her back to Hell all dry,

With such strength in his holster,

Lives simply and shy,

Mr. Ajay Tao ( our fellow blogger,

His snippets of optimism,

Glimpses of life from around the world,

Oils us rolling inspired,

Fuels our smile-tanks in this blogosphere…


Thank You Ajay ( for all your support, and for that shower of awards.

  1. The Inner Peace Award

  1. The Inspiring Blogger Award (for the 2nd time)


This tells me I’m eyed,

That at times, you dwell in murky corners of my mind,

That you’ve been a part of my smiles and cries,

This tells me I could draw a few dreams for you,

That I could shun violence true,

Like you, I want the rest to join hands with me,

Tread on the path to selfless serenity,

From the shores of Goa to Greece,

Scatter away bits and shreds of Peace…


To an inspiring figure, a stimulating enigma,

Ajay Tao (,

My wise friend from this blogosphere,

Goes out a Heartfelt Thank You!



Friends and Fellow Bloggers,

Your support, your patience to read me and your valuable time continues to sumptuously contribute towards further motivating me to connect with as many minds as possible, only to try reviving and replenishing the dying importance of human emotions and illustrate the boundless flights of human consciousness from an independent mind.












Thank You Guys for Flying Along,

Keep Rocking,

God Bless,




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4 thoughts on “Reader’s Love 6

  1. oh dear so beautiful, so wonderful,
    I am absolutely flabbergasted
    I have no words of gratitude
    your words are like petals
    showering from the heaven
    with all the blessings of the Devi

    Thank you so much Deb

    God bless you dear and my blessings
    will always be with you my dear friend

  2. Congratulations upon your awards Deb, and I can see I shall have to pay your friend a visit as you suggest.. You are indeed an inspiration Deb for you delve to the heart of our emotions with your wonderful verses which touch the soul of your reader and makes him think and question…
    Thank you for your inspiration and love..

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