Joker’s Treat!


Life strolled naked,

Her hour yellow had arrived,

Her luck for the joker’s red smile,

Pity Taps gone dry yet another try,

Dirty rags forgotten,

Forgotten unwashed stained flesh,

Kissed that glass wall,

Rubbed on it some unfortunate stare,

Shooed her away her reality of the day,

Disposed now on tar to decay,

Filth today another hungry rainy day,

Behind that glass a doughnut someday,

The Joker’s treat, a flickering dream from the street,

Untamable ignited barked her desire…


(On a young ill-clad girl, thriving on the streets of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. She visits McDonald’s everyday before it opens up for customers to try her luck at mellowing down that service boy for something that may be could cost him his job, to hand her out only one and one of that stuff on that big poster, a chocolate doughnut.)


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9 thoughts on “Joker’s Treat!

  1. You always bring to us images and thoughts to prick the western worlds conscience Deb, and your words paint a picture where still the young and innocent suffer as they beg or scavenge for the right to eat… to live… While we here throw more food away that could feed a nation…..
    As always my friend your poems reflect the world as it is…

    I just pray she be kept safe………. and all others who are in similar plights…

    Love and Blessings
    Sue xox

  2. I feel strange clicking on the “like” button for this heart-wrenching picture – both the one captured by your camera and with your words. That such tragedy exists while so much of the rest of the world carries on blindly is eye-opening and thought-provoking. I am grateful for your bringing this to our attention, but while my heart screams at the injustice and cruelty, I do not know what else to do…

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