Words of Clay – “Danced the Frogs…”


Touched down heavy those clouds dark,

Swelled those droplets Divine,

Beams rolled roaring across the skies,

Stray dogs did no more bark,

Tied helpless, mooed cows from the shed,

Grunted wet that homeless swine,

Visible the pond, swayed away the fog,

Celebrated therein, the tailless amphibian clan,

To tunes of the whistling tempest,

Chuckles of the swaying trees shy,

The hymn of the peacock, jingles of the hopping fish,

Beats of the thunder high,

Danced, Danced the Frogs…


Artist : Gauri Sakhuja

Words of Clay” is a poetic journey through the creations of Gauri Sakhuja, a young and talented Indian sculptor from her latest solo exhibition at Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi, India.


For more on the artist, visit : https://www.facebook.com/gauri.sakhuja/about

4 thoughts on “Words of Clay – “Danced the Frogs…”

  1. It sounds corny to say this–but it so true. I started getting goose bumps a few lines down, and then at the summation–positive tingles. What a well written slice. It is as good as a picture for evoking a thunderstorm–and by that I mean–you could not have said it better in 1000 words.

    plus who doesn’t love the whimsical notion of dancing frogs!?

  2. I’m sorry Ajay for not being there..Was bound by chains of middle-class life..I broke them yet again to my family’s dismay…I read all your posts Ajay and Karen, just that I don’y comment often, only coz I want my comment to be genuine, which takes time…Thank You for being there both of you….

    And, Karen you have no idea how much i treasure each and every comment of yours..ThankYou 🙂

  3. thank you dear Deb I understand very deeply what you mean
    and I am sorry for that dear

    If in anyway I could have helped you that would be my honor

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