Riding on her beauty to my resurrection…


Through those war-torn streets of Kabul,

I slogged with the Sun almost grilling my back,

‘Please, leave me alone’ was all that I wanted to say,

To those ugly thoughts…I couldn’t bring their pieces together,

Let alone lining down bodies of my friends,

The only ones I knew till now, till my first deportation…

Like a typhoon, the thoughts disappeared,

As my eyes stripped off that momentary slumber,

It opened into the markets of Sheerpur,

It opened up to a nodding head in a Burka.

Her motionless stance engulfed me completely,

I stood there stagnant, already a slave of their desire,


Popping out from her Burka,

The stare said it clear, “Can you protect me soldier for they say a woman seldom needs a gun, as she always has a man by her side as her shield, and her strongest weapon.

If you really can, take me away,

Take me New York, take me to London, take me to Spain.”

The rays of the setting Sun lit up my face,

Without a permission from my cerebrum,

My legs were on their way,

Suddenly, I was feeling more of a man,

More than I ever felt confirming the enemy dead,

Happiness was knocking at my door,

And I could hear the Almighty say,

“You live to make merry and gracefully accept your end, the rest is my business,

I guess now you know your road,

Beauty fetched you a resurrection amidst this destruction,

For your soul stands worthy of companionship, your calling’s far away in peace, far away from this deadly episode”



Debaroon’ 2012