Pimp the Nymph…


Applause roared together,

Leaked, seeped out from every corner,

Excitement murmured out of pitch darkness,

Prophecies of the upcoming brilliance shared,

Passed from one seat to the other,

Gossips cease, Curtains unfold,

The crowd gets ready to switch divine,

Dive and sink in a magical tale,

Babbled by her tip-toeing steps,

From her celestial abode, she has just touched down,

Shimmering in white, her little frock high and bright,

In all that blackness, the only light,

Heads nod, wave, oscillate,

Her toes start narrating volumes,

An instrumental beat, flawlessly choreographed,

Has them all, hypnotized…


Streams of Heaven dry up by night,

By the time, the clock strikes nine,

The milky swan runs out of water,

For she knows I like my bills on time,

On stage, her angelic twirls, twists and whirls,

Breaks my stony heart,

Melts the glacier inside,

I had only been a slave to her will,

Her life, her escalating needs,

A dying mother to heal and feed,

I’d just been chosen by her choice,

A permanent spectator to her daily shows,

Have to escort her every day to her existence offshore,

One in the shadows of greed,

Hanging from her altered nocturnal pretense,

In upscale hotels, shady motels, where lust devours her meat,

The butterfly has her wings plucked,

Savors her descent as part of her fate,

Her bartered flesh, her murdered soul, now accustomed to soaring bids,

She cares more than me for her rich hungry clients,

As much she cares for her artsy audience on the other side,

She tops all my whores, any day,

So you see, there’s much more to this ballerina’s life,

Hid under curtains of beauty,

There boils a lot of strife,

Claps shall die down soon,

Now, I should be waiting outside the green room,

A few minutes is all she takes,

To get rid of that Elysian dress,

To put on a sleazy gloss, to crimp,

Scurry out; grab me by my arm,

Hurl hurry across the streets,

An affair, now almost regular,

Post-performance, she couldn’t wait being served on wealthy platters,

In town, the most delicious shrimp,

Her night shall once again be entirely sold,

While my spirit shall bathe guilty in gold,

It’s time to Pimp the Nymph…




(Based on the life of a beautiful young damsel, a ballerina by the day, and a whore, by night.)



Images : http://www.traderslaboratory.com, http://dreamworldreality.blogspot.in