An Emotion, Naked!


For Heaven’s sake, I’m eating,

I howled at her,

Sin felt, she stepped back,

In a flash! Drew away those arms bony that pled,

I’d never heard that voice of mine before,

I’d seen people scoff the same,

Assumed then, these moments weren’t mine,

They’d always been cast out of my lore,

Angry I’d then been, caught off shore,

Till seconds away,

I met this stranger self of mine,

Bit me her pain, choked me that burger bite,

Freaked me out that freaking reality,

Irritation shot across, my emotion’s disguise,

Her life slithering down the drain,

Only I could munch and fill to a smile,

Sweat kissed I gasped for breath,

While the Sun missed no chance punishing her insane,

On her shoulder, that naked baby,

Maybe slumber ridden, may be dead,

Stony did it lie… Enough!

A spark, and my count at work soothed dry my crying brain,

Out of breath then my emotions naked,

Too tough on a tougher day on this poor swine,

Dipped often in strains of haze and wine,

Soon wiped clear, formatted it all seemed till late evening,

For then took over Life…




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Her Droplets of Mercury


Affections seeped in,

Through cracks and leaks,

On many a state-borders,

Through tunnels, through dams,

In cars, trains and planes,

Love hitch-hiked unseen,

Trickled from one terrain to the other,

Camouflaged into obese droplets of mercury,

It rolled on to its destination,

Oozed out of my panes,

Out of the ventilator,

Out of plug-points,

Boomed out of my phone,

Scooped and thrown in by cellular towers,

I almost sank in her mercury,

In its incessant inflow,

When the celestial Lords took notice,

Happiness had flowed into the wrong channel,

Before it got too late,

They blocked its route,

Dried up those droplets on their way,

Struck grave with cancer,

She’s battling life,

Ticks the clock to a ruthless May…


(This post is dedicated to someone that I really want to be back on her feet again, ASAP.)


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