Eid Mubarak (Happy Eid) !


Minarets stood like lighthouses over the sea of taqiyahs*,

Lent out was a gigantic shade for the sons of Allah,

As if, the Sun bowed along with a million bows,

On speakers Holy prayers rolled, kissed the skies,

Trickled down the Masjid stairs, sank into the atmosphere,

Smiles in piles, greetings and hugs followed,

Jingled bangles, atar heavy the air, rang laughter galore,

Kebabs, sweets, jewelry and clothes,

Shops ran along the road like the never ending shore…


(On Id-ul-Zuha, from the Jama Masjid, New Delhi, India , October 16, 2013)

* taqiyah – is a short, rounded cap worn by Muslims, across the world to emulate Muhammad. It is a must for men to wear them while offering prayers.



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Love’s Researched…


When struck, your strings plucked to play,

Assume then, love’s a ball all the way,

Promises dance, swear to stay,

Twirls Joint laughter,

Tiptoes to the floor, Joint disaster,

When you’re understood,

The way she should,

Grows around a Paradise,

To express you don’t think Twice,

Slow and steady burns your lamp,

Beams up monstrous, kindles a sudden surprise,

Dulls down at patches damp,

And, again back to steadfast disguise,

Soon, a pond is born out of thy eyes,

Surfaces therein, lubricants of compromise,

Floats in logs of sacrifice,

Some make it through,

They make it true,

When freezes the clime ,

Frost-free remain only a few,

Some sink, choosing to make-up wise,

Some crumble away, breaking ice…



(Stay tuned for the sequel to this post, ‘Loving Me…‘)



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