Indigo Depths


Into indigo depths of that calm ocean,

Let us sink in for our eternal promotion,

Can you hear that breathless still?

Bubbles in your ears, out of your nostrils?

We’ll paddle into that swaying forest, perpetually moist,

The fate of those scrubs and bushes born drowned,

We’ll kiss them wet, celebrate their fate, pluck some for our crowns,

Ball to mute motions of the prey and the hunter,

Adorn ourselves with forgotten treasures from sunk  plunder,

In tight embrace, we shall greet dolphins and whales,

Will turn down their pleads to come along,

Snort some air from the surface,

We’ll rather, butterfly deeper to the creeks on the bed,

Scare away the snobbish Electric Eel, conquer his hide-out,

Let us then suck each other off our last ounces of breath,

Lips on lips, closing eyes, the end’s switched on,

The mermaid’s harp, you can hear aloud, shall slowly faint,

Our beginning we never could paint,

But, the end is ours; we’ll design it our way,

Our resurrection shall engrave our love immortal,

Our passion shall have the shark stop for an impractical ogle,

Now foams our vision, our senses are in a lather,

We are bunking His test,

We’re skipping His mandate,

Scrubbing off our skin, bar-codes of His conquest,

To dissolve our naked clutch  into the water’s beauty,

Our stripped  souls into its blue patented liberty,

Let us  switch off for the best…



(May our Souls rest in Peace in Embrace…Amen!)




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Up above our World, so High!


Baby, if you’re not doing much,

Let us try mocking the universal judge,

Come along; let’s grab a chocolate-fudge,

Then, let us put on our wings,

Shoot up from His funny lair,

For a macro view of this hungry hemisphere,

Gush past those lush gardens, that swing,

Past those adorning slums,

Above wandering dreaming wasted wise bums,

Swoop over degreed birdbrains in and out of concrete,

Tiny toddlers crying with lice in their hair on stone sheets,

Come along let us watch pockets drain and fill,

Men at their best, in her arms rich to rest, glowing to drill,

While, women smiling in cars and dim joints, scary on the streets,

Some smarter than their conscience, some dumb to his beats,

Stretch your vision to the end of that horizon,

Gaze unaffected by the strong gales of love, lust, treachery and treason,

A million blocks housing a trillion consumed cunts and cocks,

Colored in a dark auburn shade of sin,

Tarnished with players seasoned to give in,

An endless chocolate bar is what you see,

Outnumbered almost invisible, lost are the ones white and bright,

The ones, strangers to poverty,

Your giggles up above our world, so high,

Tells me you treasure this flight, our try,

From your lips, don’t wipe off that last fudge,

When your wings are gone with your first sigh,

You can lick that off, think of me floating by,

Re-live your moments in that greying sky,

Chuckling to a deeper insight,

From up above our world, so high…




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Sea of Apathy


Yet again, broke free,

Wrung down those chains of slavery,

To the horror of my family,

I’ve yet again nurtured that grey audacity,

To lick, taste, drench and dive into liberty,

I’m pulling down my sails,

Biding a stony adieu to those tasteless whales,

My soul’s losing out on its aesthetic smell,

I’m rowing to meet the shore,

I really can’t take it any more,

My Gold’s losing out on its lustre,

Dimming my melody, robbing my senses,

Blinding me dumb, spending me helpless,

Those poisonous fumes from that water,

Gales of Sustenance are useless now,

My sails are no more at their mercy,

I’ll drive out of this lifeless bay,

I’ll rather, go whoring into the day,

I’m moving out of this Sea of Apathy…




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