Mission India’013: Kill Poor Kids


Your crawl from rags to riches,

From broken pathways of mud,

Running like streams through harvested fields,

To sovereign bungalows looking over the Capital’s naval,

Gorging on the country’s yields,

Was balanced on your labor wheels,

Yet, what ignited your engine for the victorious path,

Were blessings from a million hearts,

Many a brother of yours might have toiled more hard,

But, power awaited you, your ambitions shone right from the start,

Into bureaucratic caves with the nation over phones,

Your lifetime opportunity to eat to the bones,

The crouching tiger, snarling hungry, beating years,

Is now unlocked, unchained served with meat,

Will he only eat only whatever’s served?

Or, will he hunt down darling helpless babies, call a curfew?

Your hungry past has stirred you so well in that greedy beer,

You’re scoring acres in ripening lands, blinded you’re poisoning our future,

Or maybe it’s your plan to relieve the nation, slash the burden of its poor,

Let’s see how high you soar,

The Mother’s curse shall soon break your oars,

Let your sins mount, breathes heavy this blood-stained topography,

Trust me you’ll be painted naked on wall graffiti,

Stripped off, your serious mask of philanthropy…




(An enraged expression directed at a corrupt governmental machinery, responsible for the recent headlines :

“22 children die after eating mid-day meal in Bihar school”

“Autopsies find insecticide in food given to Bihar school kids”







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Sins for Sale


Waves of crime soar high,

Rising, sans a sigh,

Rapes and murders shriek on celluloid,

Even, when the power is gone,

Those devilish soaps are still on,

On screens of Android,

Real demons of a Real society,

Are in the limelight regularly,

The evil is lucrative,

Sins are seductive,

It’s all a part of a bigger plan,

Paint us dirty with our dirt,

And, riches shall rain electronic,

On the media clan…


A glimpse of an elderly,

And, jumps up a young lad,

Pleads to offer his seat, a smiling fad,

I see this happening a dozen times,

Every day on the metro in all climes,

Ask the oldies, mothers with little babies,

You’ll know, you’ll realize,

Our goodness has been overshadowed,

Our blemishes have been glorified,

It’s time we stopped drawing macro-conclusions,

It’s time we learnt not to generalize,

It’s time we stopped overeating reality to switch unreal,

It’s only business for the media,

Sins are for Sale in India…




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