Ride of Pride!!! (Chapter 2)


Smartness not on their cards,

Stranded in a long long queue without smart-cards,

Serpentine, it crisscrossed the station,

Ones on the tail had their feet down in the stairs,

Unfortunately, all not smart enough this time,

They were indeed, running out of patience,

Big notes for small fares,

Quarrels for balances,

Exchanged are red-eyed glances

Verbal tussles through the token counter glass,

Staring out of his ways timid,

The official in blue did put up a lot of fuss,

Amongst swarming security, he was confident, he was protected,

“Impossible! No change! “, he often quoted,

Possibility crept in late,

Slower than a snail,

Amidst irritated whines, and angry wails,

The queue moved ahead,

Though, feet ceaselessly added,

Two other counters, two chairs and two computers,

Remained closed, remained deserted,

One man for a thousand travelers,

One by one, killed peak-hour minutes and seconds of daily passengers,

Made sure its length remained the same,

Made sure you remain pissed,

Throughout, your mood’s unchanged,

Chirping among themselves,

The multitude murmured dissatisfied, restless,

Played a constant multilingual hiss,

Awestruck, stood the family,

Felt as if they were pleading a ride for free,

She looked down in dismay,

She’d never expected it to begin this way,

For her it was hard to swim out of a sea of delusion,

“Wait n’ watch, there’s more in store, honey,

Only time shall clear your confusion,”

Read her husband’s face,

As he rejoiced her disgrace,

Her grin of pride mellowed down,

Now it only lingered below her frown,

In thirty minutes, and some more for the ticket-man,

Accentuated English flows from behind the glass,

It took him some more time to understand,

Finally could they reach those soldiers in green, booted brown,

Squeezed their pockets, jerked their flesh, shook their spirits unstable,

Squeezed his belly, rubbed their thighs, and legs, frisked them for metal,

For seconds, with legs wide apart, they were made to stand,

Out of her curtains separate, scared of her absentminded family,

She chose to preserve the riding coins in her bag, carefully,

Towards the platform, smiles back on face,

For, these were their moments, in grace,

Three minutes to the train,

Little aware of what’s coming up next,

Those fancy earphones on his ears would be hanging out of place,

Busy on his phone, the young lad will soon end up depressed,

He would rather choose not to fiddle with his gadget, or try to text,

Coming up was a ride that would simply blow away their brains…



(The NRI (Non Residential Indian) family (on their first trip to the city, ever since the lady left home for shores abroad, while, still a child) will soon board the train to realize the age-old myth, once again, “All that Glitters is not Gold.” )

To be continued…



Images from : http://chasingthemetro.wordpress.com, http://www.thehindu.com