Brain Pain


Nourished and caressed his blood cells,

The tropical Sun’s ordeal,

From the Ganges, humid winds and moist spells,

His body, a mirror to his years,

While post-school, ceased ticking his brain,

At the epicenter of his central nervous system,

Evolved a tumor out of his skull’s membrane,

Only perpetual childhood now to nurture,

Cancelled were all his bookings to a manly future,

Cherish every second was what the docs prescribed,

Now he could be gone any moment, medication surrendered,

Thereafter, his parents gifted him a young bride,

The child locked in a man’s shell had to hear wedding bells,

Chucked out of his ancestral house, deserted to die,

He smiles in a squat on the floor of a mental facility,

Chuckles innocently, “I miss Mom, she used to play with me, sleep by my side,

I miss Dad; he saved me every night by sleeping with my angry wife”


(A Salute to sapiens that surround us…)



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Joint Account


Knotted early,

Souls hooked in youth,

Clinging long from one another,

Their rhythmic quest to tide over,

Float past many a tempest,

Glued way behind the starting line,

Tied on grass, in ahead to the race whistle,

Pair of toes in line to win,

Feet rubbing aggressive on the sand,

Bending knees,

Dust dug, blown to the rear of chalked limits,

Fuming, Pumping cups, Howling strength,

Muscles yawning aloud, reflexes shine,

His fate tightened on her wrist,

Above her bangles, for a span, infinite,

A sensitive life, an account joint,

For smiles, demanded a heavy price, puked every time,

Their esprit tank levels sank,

Well-fought tale, emotions lived and felt,

Rice assumed to ooze out glee, an idea that then did not seem temporary,

Too turned dry, pale, bitter, sour, poisonous, once in a while,

Until, they were left under the Sun, all by themselves,

Until, they started micro-waving to preserve,

Turning knobs of sacrifice, compromise, selflessness to a high,

Out of thrill in the dark on time, copper to golden plight,

Sunken inches in sand, footsteps ran side by side,

In and out of harmony, yet paired all the while, Unstoppable,

From the bubbled water to the shore, to the main road,

An odd battery to serve undying ,

Missing out, often on getting used up,

It wouldn’t fit in a different master,

Wouldn’t make another cell phone run,

In one another they had to exist,

Together, they shall smile rust, blink dysfunction,

Perish ecstatic in a clutch, engineered for permanence,

Await a Recycle in Union…





( A late tribute to an enduring couple, my Mom and Dad, on their anniversary from their laid-back son)