Personal Diaries – ‘Evanescent Senses’


My senses are pampered they say,

Or, maybe they label it that way,

Yes, they’ve been loyal slaves to the harsh Mistress of Aesthetics,

While, Mediocrity’s soothing Inamorata has been forever at bay,

Towards risky pathways to fame,

They disobediently sway,

Sucked in deep and deeper into quicksands of creativity,

That’s how they would perpetually want to stay,

Couldn’t tame them my deadliest reality,

From lush green lawns of mechanical apathy, and,

Fertilized with compromise, greener pastures,

They’ve always craved the quickest goodbyes,

Lightning departures…




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Reader’s Love 7


She serves till I’m full,

When overflows my pessimistic pool,

For an optimistic burger, when I’m hungry,

I find here there, in her words that soothing cool,

I’m privileged to gorge on her sumptuous servings of positivity,

When dies that immaculateness in faces around,

I take to her verses, where romances me Nature,

Drifts me away originality,

Into a world more pristine than round

Miles away from those pangs of material stature,

To dip in her solace green,

To catch glimpse of the beauty around us, preserved unseen,

You’ve to read her for from my words you cannot measure,

That contentment you’ll derive from this poet’s treasure,

Listen up mates, writers and poets,

From the right and left wings of this globe,

From the oil towns of UAE, the castles and cafes of Europe,

From the blocks of Vegas, the painted streets of Australia,

You can’t miss out on her work,

Her name’s Soumya (


Thank You Soumya ( for showering so many awards upon

Comfort through your words and your relentless support through your comments and awards continue to inspire and motivate.


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Thank You Soumya (,

Thank You Friends, Readers and Fellow Bloggers


God Bless

Debaroon 🙂



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Sea of Apathy


Yet again, broke free,

Wrung down those chains of slavery,

To the horror of my family,

I’ve yet again nurtured that grey audacity,

To lick, taste, drench and dive into liberty,

I’m pulling down my sails,

Biding a stony adieu to those tasteless whales,

My soul’s losing out on its aesthetic smell,

I’m rowing to meet the shore,

I really can’t take it any more,

My Gold’s losing out on its lustre,

Dimming my melody, robbing my senses,

Blinding me dumb, spending me helpless,

Those poisonous fumes from that water,

Gales of Sustenance are useless now,

My sails are no more at their mercy,

I’ll drive out of this lifeless bay,

I’ll rather, go whoring into the day,

I’m moving out of this Sea of Apathy…




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Lend them your Senses…


O Maestros, Masters of trade,

Royal bards presented factories of bread,

Fingers that pluck strings of gold,

Pen down verses that never grey,

Never grow old,

Lend your ears to the flower,

Step into gardens, fresh,

Away from limelight, the yellow haze,

You might discover green grief,

Hear petals mourn,

Butterflies scream,

Kneeling down stamens weep,

Moaning summons of concealed ovaries,

Lend your eyes to the flower,

You might find pistils trying to watchtower,

Stigmas acting scented radars,

Sepals craving an embrace,

Waiting for a role in your songs,

Waiting to step out off mortal boundaries,

Into your verses perennial,

O Maestros, Masters of trade,

Dig some time for their songs,

If, not mine…


Let my songs wither away,

Ring unheard till my last breath,

Let me croak out my years,

Like the forgotten toad,

Unsee me,

Miss out on my colors, my unique existence…


Step into wilder lawns,

Rest your bare soles on undisciplined grass,

Beautify young, new pastures,

They join flowers in lament,

To weave Utopian wails for you,

Hoping, Longing,

Someday, they reach you…


Widen your stare,

Reach out to nooks and corners, once in a while,

To the unlit gardens,

Waiting to gift you a smile,

Taste unscathed honey,

Plummet in virgin talent,

O Maestros, Masters of trade,

Lend them your senses,

To their unattended mystery,

Dig some time for their songs,

If, not mine, before you sediment away into history…


(A poet, wandering lonely at the talent fuming, Jaipur Literature Festival, 2013)




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