Bring it on, I’m Ready Again…


Denser, deeper, thicker,

A fat base with a fatter brush,

Might just get the job done,

Brushing, touching up the swells,

Facial plateaus, black ’n blues,

Premium brands to conceal wounds, tangible,

Dope for the ones unseen,

Ones on the soul,

Mirror Mirror, it knows it all,

Finds us vanishing hurt-marks,

More often, than we’re found drinking water,

Pimped day-in day-out,

Readying up every now and then,

Every time, my soul, my conscience is dragged to the gallows,

Banged, Hanged, Butchered, Electrocuted, Shot more dead,

Freshening up, putting up a spotless flesh blackboard,

Neat and clean to excite the man,

To jingle upon his riches,

Pay big for his bigger weakness,

Quench his chauvinistic fetishes,

Chalk out brand new images,

Decorate our then, seemingly untouched faces,

 With spanking new swells, black ‘n blues, cuts, injuries… 





(The moment in a prostitute’s life is inspired from the 2012 film Talaash (

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