Breathless Love…


Passion cried the Sitar,

Duped them the Morning Star,

Misbehaved their tiny boat, in tosses scaled the river,

No oars, no boatman, no direction to bother,

While the monsoon moaned to its wettest climax,

Tucked and tied inside, they sat glued to each other,

Lashed, spanked and drenched them, the water,

Deaf to thunder bolts echoing the tidal grove,

Unfazed, entangled in arms, they challenged Nature,

Till the clouds cleared with an embarrassed Sun’s signature,

Deserted on the backwaters of Kerala,

Many a breath, then breathless they made Love…




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Monsoon Afresh !!!


That gush and gurgle in the drain,

From charcoal skies down pours the rain,

Rolls the city on a day lit by lamps,

Streets washed, then a dirty revamp,

As if straight out of a swamp,

An odor of moist grass and fresh filth looms in the air,

Unchanged is that breeze slow, heavy with craving, luring wet,

Thunder growls, moments of hush whispers,

Fierce gales kissing cool, then windless lulls,

Mirth and anger of the drenched atmosphere,

To breathe back, you aren’t here,

It must be a virgin monsoon for you out there,

For mine’s grown more lush and green,

Now more pungent is the odor, banished serene,

Droplets touch, smooch and dry away,

There’s no more a celebration, or that reason,

Will this be the end to monsoon afresh?

Juicy cloud bursts can taste dry no more,

Soon the heavens shall be sending me a new sufferer,

To walk along the dark roads in the drizzle, out of your prism…















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Wet Glances

Night rain from the porch








Rain seeped through cracks in the soil,

Right, ahead of us, in front of the porch,

Caused the grass to smell, stink earth,

Sealed, unraveled snails,

The coiled-up earthworm,

Imitating the snail,

Droplets on its hardened scales,

Posed into a tablet shell,

Creaks of the toad,

Constant chant of crickets,

Out of wet dark pockets,

On low bamboo stools,

They sat, knees folded,

Toes sprinkled, now moistened,

The dampening street light,

Fading away through zip-zaps of her hand-fan of straw,

Thunder wiped the sky,

Zeus in his chariot rolled, roared,

Cracked in competition,

Light streaks blazed the sky above,

Found her looking into my eyes,

Lost a tongue, though,

She yearned for one that moment,

Quiet, Bound, Professionally Chained, Restrained, Refrained,

Awaited the heavenly match to strike again,

Tongue-tied, Impulses tied tighter,

I stared back…









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Seen the rain, like this…


Have seen many a droplets,

Have seen these rainy days,

Those trinkets spraying my face,

Have heard them hiss,

Have felt them kiss,

Many a times,

Have I sketched the rain like this…

Never have I been able to escape,

The grill of the Sun,

Those tiring days,

That stressed my soul,

Robbed me of any fun,

Landed me in tears,

Each and every time,

The same old way,

Haven’t been able to stop playing,

Playing with my mind,

Playing those games of dreaming,

Painting the sky with its flower in it,

Dreams that had everything,

To feed me life,

To protect me from the cold,

To save me for the spring,

All that it missed out, lady,

Was the unexpected,

The tale of your departure,

Else, many a times,

Have I seen the rain, like this…

Four walls and only those walls,

Have never been enough to carve out a house,

One with an equal amount of strangers,

There existed passion, existed a tie to die for,

Ties that have led many a figures,

Go haywire, go astray,

Spent searching the very purpose of this life,

Ending up with the same old conclusion,

This city seen through blurry eyes,

Have started afresh,

After many a breakdowns,

Shattering down many a times,

Trying to break free,

Once again, have I turned around,

Once again, have I started hoping to get back some,

Expecting returns,

Been losing so long, but

Never did I acknowledge my loss,

Never did I dream,

I’ll loose you too, someday,

Else, many a times,

Have I seen the rain, like this…


Many a times,

Have I been duped,

Trying to stay afloat,

Floating with the tide,

Have I been burnt,

Trying to learn lessons from the Fire,

Have I suffered,

Trying learning ways to give out a lot of things,

Ways to offer,

But, never did I dream,

I also, had to give you,

A farewell, someday,

Else, many a times,

Have I seen the rain, like this…




(Totally, felt and inspired from the Bengali song, “Ami Brishti Dekhechi (I’ve seen the rain)” by the very talented and uniquely gifted singer, song-writer, actor, musician and filmmaker, Anjan Dutta, accompanied by Somlata.

For more on Anjan Dutta, visit :

For lyrics of the song “Ami Brishti Dekhechi (I’ve seen the rain)” from Mr.Dutta’s  2011 Bengali film, “Ranjana Ami Aar Ashbona (Ranjana! I ain’t comin’back ever again)”, visit :

For the song, itself, visit:


Watch out ! Washout for the streets of Kolkata…

2012-08-20 12.49.30

The skies cracked,

I could see it turning black and blue,

Could hear it growl,         

Could hear it moan,

Bread-earners were already poured into pockets,

Good old yellow ambassadors sniffed here and there,

Pausing, observing moving ahead,

They were on the lookout…

Billboards and banners were now drippy too,

Sitting without any make-up,

Without the shine, without the lights,

Gazing at the deserted metro station on the other side,

Nodding in absolute agreement with the Gods,

The city needed a complete washout,

Was that uproar of a collective assent?

I could hear them,

The sky was roaring again…

The man on that cycle paddled away as fast as he could,

It seemed as if everybody was ready, everything was aware,

This lonely traveler now had to decide,

I could either soak a bit,

Get rid of the sweat,

Reap a little out of all the cleansing around,

Ride the sopping tide,

Or, maybe hop under the metro shade,

Sip some tea,

Smell the tropical droplets,

Wetting everything in front of me,

Drifting away strongly with the Nor’Westerlies,

With only my eyelids tattering to a light sprinkle,

I could smile away, all dry…



Heaven’s Lake


Strangely misty,

The heavens wept last night,

Dampening the dry chilly breeze,

Causing a pretty lull,

Wrapping us in worn out light,

Painting my balcony with a fat brush of water,

That, like a disciplined lake without barriers,

Was keeping to its boundaries all by itself,

Reflecting in it,

 A day robbed off its shine,

Smiling by that big dry house…


Debaroon’ 2013