Was Under Repairs- The Verse Factory


Apathy stains wore its equipment,

Corrosion from gales of compromise had it dysfunctional,

Cylinders of creative lubricant dangled empty,

Staggering under debts of the womb,

Worst fears of its crafty artisans turned true,

None could make it to work,

For needles of mediocrity were scattered bare,

Flooding roads of my town, pointed everywhere,

With lamed logistics, a hungry nation to scare,

A stagnant fleet of trucks, dusty with lethal punctures,

Maintenance craved every inch of its infrastructure,

Servicing had been the need of the hour,

Engineers blocked the exit, while to mend forced in entry,

Barred the ailing entrepreneur from notifying,

“Under Repairs – The Verse Factory…”


(Sincere and Heartfelt Apologies to all my beloved and precious readers for being away…

For this pothead, rehabilitation was the surprise gift of this kind society.

With my return, awaits you some white-eyed poetry…



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Reader’s Love 7


She serves till I’m full,

When overflows my pessimistic pool,

For an optimistic burger, when I’m hungry,

I find here there, in her words that soothing cool,

I’m privileged to gorge on her sumptuous servings of positivity,

When dies that immaculateness in faces around,

I take to her verses, where romances me Nature,

Drifts me away originality,

Into a world more pristine than round

Miles away from those pangs of material stature,

To dip in her solace green,

To catch glimpse of the beauty around us, preserved unseen,

You’ve to read her for from my words you cannot measure,

That contentment you’ll derive from this poet’s treasure,

Listen up mates, writers and poets,

From the right and left wings of this globe,

From the oil towns of UAE, the castles and cafes of Europe,

From the blocks of Vegas, the painted streets of Australia,

You can’t miss out on her work,

Her name’s Soumya (http://soumyav.wordpress.com)


Thank You Soumya (http://soumyav.wordpress.com/about/) for showering so many awards upon MyLores.com.

Comfort through your words and your relentless support through your comments and awards continue to inspire and motivate.


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 awesome-blog-content-awardthe-most-creative-blogger-award2-from-deo best-moments loyal-reader-award

Feels Great! Honoured!


Thank You Soumya (http://en.gravatar.com/soumyav),

Thank You Friends, Readers and Fellow Bloggers


God Bless

Debaroon 🙂



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Reader’s Love 6


When the God of Death appeared in blood and flesh,

Stood up firm this friend of mine,

His shoulders stretched broad and wide,

His feet firmly to the ground,

He declared, acted fair,

“It’s not my time, as yet,”

The Deity had made it so far,

She couldn’t return empty handed,

Not before a worthy try,

He fought her wrath,

Bid death a goodbye,

Sent Her back to Hell all dry,

With such strength in his holster,

Lives simply and shy,

Mr. Ajay Tao (http://ajaytao2010.wordpress.com) our fellow blogger,

His snippets of optimism,

Glimpses of life from around the world,

Oils us rolling inspired,

Fuels our smile-tanks in this blogosphere…


Thank You Ajay (http://ajaytao2010.wordpress.com) for all your support, and for that shower of awards.

  1. The Inner Peace Award


  1. The Inspiring Blogger Award (for the 2nd time)



This tells me I’m eyed,

That at times, you dwell in murky corners of my mind,

That you’ve been a part of my smiles and cries,

This tells me I could draw a few dreams for you,

That I could shun violence true,

Like you, I want the rest to join hands with me,

Tread on the path to selfless serenity,

From the shores of Goa to Greece,

Scatter away bits and shreds of Peace…


To an inspiring figure, a stimulating enigma,

Ajay Tao (http://ajaytao2010.wordpress.com),

My wise friend from this blogosphere,

Goes out a Heartfelt Thank You!



Friends and Fellow Bloggers,

Your support, your patience to read me and your valuable time continues to sumptuously contribute towards further motivating me to connect with as many minds as possible, only to try reviving and replenishing the dying importance of human emotions and illustrate the boundless flights of human consciousness from an independent mind.












Thank You Guys for Flying Along,

Keep Rocking,

God Bless,




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5000 shines 1300 miles away…


Her soul is almost grated by dusk,

Strained is her pretty face,

Left behind are marks of stress,

Eagerly does she wait daily,

For her moment to rest her tired shoulders,

Off tons of official responsibilities,

To unveil herself for the day,

Put off her heavy corporate mask,

She’d to cook and clean,

All by herself after consuming hours at work,

A day packed with mind-boggling tasks,

Even after all this,

She took all the pain,

Sans, a thought of a loss or a gain,

Brought chocolate pastries to celebrate,




5000 visits on my MyLores.com,

For she knew well,

Thirteen Hundred miles away,

I am actually far from a bash,

No matter how big or small,

I wasn’t even sure,

If anybody else did even notice this humble feat of mine,

But this lady out of her love,

Or, maybe out of her passion towards my creation,

Or, her belief in my abilities, my words,

She made sure the moment was commemorated,

Thirteen Hundred miles away,

She made sure the day was celebrated…




Sitting at home far away,

I should imagine it this way,

Indebted to her, as I am,

Together, me and she,

Hand in hand, facing you my READERS,

We humbly bow,

Thank each and every one of You,

For all your support,

For making this day come true,

From our hearts, WE THANK YOU…





(This post is dedicated to all my readers, and nonetheless, Ms. Divya Gandhi, Reliance Retail, India)




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To Calcutta for my Cousin’s Wedding…


Tomorrow, when the Sun retires,

Rests for a new dawn,

You should know that I’m gone,

That I’ll quietly read,

All your posts,

For an entire week,

Will silently watch you unravel your minds,

As you share your joys and your grinds,

I’m heading off to Calcutta,

For my cousin’s wedding,

I thought I’d rather again not miss a chance,

To taste my patriarchal ties,

I only hope I’m not hurt or disappointed,

I only hope I can shower heartfelt goodbyes,

Return with my phone decked with images,

And, maybe, a few merrier songs to sing,

I’m heading off to Calcutta,

For my cousin’s wedding…






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