My White Mare


Gallops in my White Mare,

Arrogant, she seems to have pledged,

Won’t let me stand and ogle,

Swifter than the clouds, faster than the Hare,

She’ll swim the oceans, run the land,

Preserve me dry, on my skin those crystals of sand,

We’ll wade across the Bay of Bengal into Port Blair,

On to those blue beaches shining to conceal the Human Zoo*,

She seems to have promised herself,

She’ll fetch me love, truck and boat me to your Lair,

Gallops in my White Mare,

Arrogant, she seems to have pledged,

Enough of your absence, now she’ll dare,

She’ll piggyback me to you, make it fair,

Have you “a statue with a wide-eyed stare”,

She’ll piggyback me to the End of this Nightmare,

Gallops in my White Mare…



*Human Zoo – The Andaman and Nicobar Islands on the Bay Bengal is a popular tourist locale, famous for letting tourists tread into its interiors to catch a glimpse of a multitude of scattered and rare ethnic tribes in their natural habitat.

Lately, the court has banned all commercial and tourism activities within a five-km radius of the Jarawa Tribal Reserve on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.  For more, visit:



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Beautiful Pain


Beautiful Pain restless on that White Bed,

Stripped off her gloss, her Medals, instead,

Hiding her Agony from her only ones,

She drinks Denial, through her veins it runs,

Hard on Love, ‘on a break’ her Fate,

Careless her soul mate,

Enough of words distant and frail,

Soon shall exhaust out that medical smell,

Shall slither down the White Robe,

Happy linens will swarm in from a Colorful Wardrobe,

It’s never Unfair for the Golden Heart,

Her ailment shall Surrender,

She’ll breathe the rain,

Dance and Drench, once again,

She has to hear that first crackling of thunder,

On her toes, she’ll have her share of Fresh Starts…


(Dedicated to a friend and packed with all the wishes for her health and her life ahead.)



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Those Many Days…


Those many days with you beside,

Were spent gazing sails of boats sailing by,

Sticky you remain on my eyes, lips and cheeks,

From the little Sunlight concealed behind those clouds,

I am knitting love into your shawl,

Sticky you remain on my fingers, hands and shoulders…

Now the meaning of love lingers from your nails,

Into your ears, I’m adorning my tales,

I’m staring empty at a thousand evenings in veils,

While the city’s tearing apart on the other side,

While the traffic’s cacophony’s sucking our dreams pale…

The way you were wrapped around,

Ice felt sleepy, it did lose its chill,

I search you around, here and there, every now and then,

Before, the train signals green again,

A stone on my chest, a smile on my face,

Begins the same journey to our own ends,

To pick and pile currents of life,

My pace at the dinner table remains,

Love’s not grown old here,

Like those potato skins,

It peels out a lil’ everyday,

For a newer Me, for a fresher Me,

Sticky you remain on spade-hands of my wall-clock,

Those many days with you beside,

Were spent gazing sails of boats sailing by,

Sticky you remain on my eyes, lips and cheeks,

Sticky you remain on my fingers, hands and shoulders…



(Directly inspired from the Bengali song, “Je Kota Din (Those Many Days)”, scripted by the young and talented music composer, Anupam Roy.

For the song, visit: )


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Loving Me…


My haughty honeybee,

Loving me was never easy,

It was never a question of only you and me,

Or, of glued souls on sands by the sea,

To love me right,

You have to open your eyes,

Pierce in me, your sight,

Into my being, you got to walk a mile,

Confront the deed that makes me smile,

Excavate my celestial gifts,

Taste my passion, my verses and beats,

You got to fall for his art first,

Only then, can you fall for the artist,

Only then, can you fall for me,

My haughty honeybee,

Loving me was never easy…




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Love’s Researched…


When struck, your strings plucked to play,

Assume then, love’s a ball all the way,

Promises dance, swear to stay,

Twirls Joint laughter,

Tiptoes to the floor, Joint disaster,

When you’re understood,

The way she should,

Grows around a Paradise,

To express you don’t think Twice,

Slow and steady burns your lamp,

Beams up monstrous, kindles a sudden surprise,

Dulls down at patches damp,

And, again back to steadfast disguise,

Soon, a pond is born out of thy eyes,

Surfaces therein, lubricants of compromise,

Floats in logs of sacrifice,

Some make it through,

They make it true,

When freezes the clime ,

Frost-free remain only a few,

Some sink, choosing to make-up wise,

Some crumble away, breaking ice…



(Stay tuned for the sequel to this post, ‘Loving Me…‘)



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Life went haywire,

Leaped across ‘NO ENTRY’ wires,

Ever since then,

Speeding and slowing on alleys, forbidden,

There has been no looking back,

No respite from emotions grey to black,

No more remembered how life seemed on the right track,

On lanes to cushy lands, to gold mines,

Where on mires of compromise, love shines,

Blotted out was a smell favorable,

Blurred, and faded dreams flashing my existence as a perfect fable,

Nowhere in sight was a shore,

I yearned for a direction to oar,

No compass to assure my way,

Years, since I left that poisonous bay,

I had been sailing astray,

The feel of a fecund tread, abandoned,

Smiled alien from sidewalks, had me stranded,

Peeped out of exemplary pockets,

From behind crowns on flourishing sockets,

Assurance of my choice,

Approval of the way I tailored my fate,

Played dog and the bone with me,

Reflected from one to the other,

Had me chase them in vain,

Lost in a maze of mirrors,

Until that hour,

When she arrived with her earthquake,

To shatter those sly glass panes,

To be my milepost, my lighthouse in sight,

To have a confident me,

Grin lucky, steer carefree,

Gradually, sink into the auto-pilot mode,

Along with her propitious presence,

She brought me back my essence,

Restored it with the finest clay,

Looks brand new now,

As if, it was never lost to dismay…



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Cosmic Fidelity


Unfazed by her daily chores,

With feet dipped in her water,to breathe he chose ,

Carefree, his skin welcomed sores,

He disobeyed, lent deaf ears to Mother Nature,

Never understood how her heart broke,

When she gleamed in Sun’s dry delight,

Stood helpless at her son’s plight,

Scared of young devotion graying lethal,

In broad daylight, silently she wept, she cried,

No matter, how ruthlessly crashed the tide,

How faithless turned currents with pride,

How dirty grew its shallow waters,

How high, rains left it for the worse or the better,

How lowly vessels and fishes looked down upon her with pity,

As they often, dared crossing their limits to stay afloat,

To sink and plunder her chastity,

He chose to forever, partly remain sunk in her wrath,

To share her stains, drink up stress from her brains,

Ensure poison equally ran in his veins,

For each other, they sacrificed,

Have they endured many a tempest, snow and the ice,

Unaltered devotion, painful dedication,

Their zeal to hold on to their emotions,

For each other, to suffer full-throttle,

Witnesses have been all age-old masters, from Michelangelo to Aristotle,

By tides of time, now they swore,

In tight embrace, confident their love is eternally corked in the bottle,

Life’s question-papers of troubles, scared them no more,

The tougher He tested their love,

More filtered of impurities, more concentrated it shone,

More pure it boiled, cleansed of feelings insecure,

Blinding are sandstorms of vanity,

Misleading today are popular paths to sanity,

So this one, you might just have missed out,

Nature’s exemplary model of unadulterated fidelity,

Run into the woods, out to the banks,

Past cottages, stout scouts and their camps,

Sit on deserted sands,

Put on your shades of love to romanticize and explore,

Notice the hanky-panky session,

Ceaseless, ageless, shall reel on the show,

Time and again, she would slightly rise,

Kiss him wet, rub him moist and go,

Fatigue-less, you’ll see them dating each other,

The moody ‘River’ pampered immaculate,

Spent in her passionate furor, perpetually loyal,

Her steadfast ‘Shore’…






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