Breathless Love…


Passion cried the Sitar,

Duped them the Morning Star,

Misbehaved their tiny boat, in tosses scaled the river,

No oars, no boatman, no direction to bother,

While the monsoon moaned to its wettest climax,

Tucked and tied inside, they sat glued to each other,

Lashed, spanked and drenched them, the water,

Deaf to thunder bolts echoing the tidal grove,

Unfazed, entangled in arms, they challenged Nature,

Till the clouds cleared with an embarrassed Sun’s signature,

Deserted on the backwaters of Kerala,

Many a breath, then breathless they made Love…




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Cosmic Fidelity


Unfazed by her daily chores,

With feet dipped in her water,to breathe he chose ,

Carefree, his skin welcomed sores,

He disobeyed, lent deaf ears to Mother Nature,

Never understood how her heart broke,

When she gleamed in Sun’s dry delight,

Stood helpless at her son’s plight,

Scared of young devotion graying lethal,

In broad daylight, silently she wept, she cried,

No matter, how ruthlessly crashed the tide,

How faithless turned currents with pride,

How dirty grew its shallow waters,

How high, rains left it for the worse or the better,

How lowly vessels and fishes looked down upon her with pity,

As they often, dared crossing their limits to stay afloat,

To sink and plunder her chastity,

He chose to forever, partly remain sunk in her wrath,

To share her stains, drink up stress from her brains,

Ensure poison equally ran in his veins,

For each other, they sacrificed,

Have they endured many a tempest, snow and the ice,

Unaltered devotion, painful dedication,

Their zeal to hold on to their emotions,

For each other, to suffer full-throttle,

Witnesses have been all age-old masters, from Michelangelo to Aristotle,

By tides of time, now they swore,

In tight embrace, confident their love is eternally corked in the bottle,

Life’s question-papers of troubles, scared them no more,

The tougher He tested their love,

More filtered of impurities, more concentrated it shone,

More pure it boiled, cleansed of feelings insecure,

Blinding are sandstorms of vanity,

Misleading today are popular paths to sanity,

So this one, you might just have missed out,

Nature’s exemplary model of unadulterated fidelity,

Run into the woods, out to the banks,

Past cottages, stout scouts and their camps,

Sit on deserted sands,

Put on your shades of love to romanticize and explore,

Notice the hanky-panky session,

Ceaseless, ageless, shall reel on the show,

Time and again, she would slightly rise,

Kiss him wet, rub him moist and go,

Fatigue-less, you’ll see them dating each other,

The moody ‘River’ pampered immaculate,

Spent in her passionate furor, perpetually loyal,

Her steadfast ‘Shore’…






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