Breathless Love…


Passion cried the Sitar,

Duped them the Morning Star,

Misbehaved their tiny boat, in tosses scaled the river,

No oars, no boatman, no direction to bother,

While the monsoon moaned to its wettest climax,

Tucked and tied inside, they sat glued to each other,

Lashed, spanked and drenched them, the water,

Deaf to thunder bolts echoing the tidal grove,

Unfazed, entangled in arms, they challenged Nature,

Till the clouds cleared with an embarrassed Sun’s signature,

Deserted on the backwaters of Kerala,

Many a breath, then breathless they made Love…




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‘Mesa Verde Love’ – An Image-Inspired Thought

Mesa Verde

Photo-credits: Christopher Axe

Hey, do you hear me?

I hope you’re there, carefully listen,

Look at those royal remains,

Dry arches, baked rooms,

Parched stairs, fossil drains,

The human odor free flows,

Soaked is the air with the civilization smell,

Imagine lightening, thunder rolls,

Strikes gleams on those skeleton towers,

Teasing me, you run in and out of those narrow lanes,

Those boorish curves and bends,

Lifting your white gown above your toe,

You hip, hop, like the grasshopper, skip forward,

Your giggles, your chuckle amplify,

Echoes them around, those barren walls,

History remains witness to my desire,

Bricks smothered in love, vintage,

Experience depths, similar, willingly they testify,

Sans, a single material pleasure,

Just a night, on floors, ancient,

To realize, transient is only time,

Love rides from one being to another,

Trickles down generations, survives sublime…


(An image-inspired thought, from the very talented photographer Christopher Axes’ photograph, Mesa Verde ( of the Mesa Verde National Park, Montezuma County, Colorado, United States (the snap used above).

Catch up with Christopher’s amazing work, on his blog, RegenAxe, )



She craved Spring, Forever…


Soon, this clime would crawl from Pink to Orange, and then, Red,

Into the lustrous arms of the sky’s flower,

Chained to its torturous bed,

For now, it was holding on to the tail of Spring,

The Sun showered as much romance, as it could bring,

It was His month to date the gorgeous Earth,

His time to flirt with a kiss, from the start,

In tender foreplay, sink her intoxicated,

Have her indulged, melt her heart,

For now, only her soil, her beauty shall be courted,

Her wit shall not be judged,

Her trees would be caressed,

Their charm and appeal lit and praised,

Shy, they would sway and bend,

From their naughty suitor, bashful at his ways,

That they enjoyed failing to mend,

For their leaves to feast, and cherish spicy,

His rays have been making them feel pricy,

Wooing them with his rich gifts,

Fecund hours of sweet photosynthesis,

For now, He was her boyfriend,

He would continue to impress,

Tend to her scars from wintery nags,

Nurse her with tepid ray-bags,

Vaporize away her distress,

Still days for the Sun to grow into a husband,

When love shall disappear,

Left will be only memories of spring’s romance in the air,

Enough of wooing the Earth, she’s already netted,

Taken for granted now, owned and petted,

Awaiting her is a real bummer,

The moment she ties the knot amidst blessings from Summer,

She’ll soon be spent, scorched and razed to the ground,

Her soul shall get used to it, she’ll though understand,

Post-marriage, fresh feelings are worn-out,

The same pink love is seldom found,

She would better serve Him for the day,

Put up with the brunt of His fiery grunt,

Digest whatever he dried up without a rebellious stunt,

Dispose all that he baked till decay,

And, wait for dusk to stretch, and unwind,

Tear-eyed, roll back into memories nigh, with a short rewind…



( My Farewell to Spring, 2013)




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Love Lagoons of Lankawi


Red eyed stare of the Mackerel and the Tuna,

Concealed glimpses of their visitors,

A peek-a-boo above the surface,

Sniffing bubbles here and there,

Tips and taps in serene blue,

Squeaking wood, whistling breeze,

Their cottage on the Andaman sea,

Anchored to the bed,

Pillars that carried them,

Softly swayed,

Their home, a swing on the water…


Shhhhhhh! The lagoon hissed green peace,

Mirror to unperturbed tranquility,

The setting Sun, touch of yellowish orange in turquoise,

Hips on the moist porch, their feet dipped wet,

Scared fishes, dispersed them for the day,

Love soared at its peaks,

Imitated the flight of the Eagle of Lankawi*,

Dusk draped the sea-village resort,

Sedated creatures around,

Had the palm trees shyly looking down,

Sparked first flames in their brand new wedlock,

Passion pampered with placidity, danced, went astray,

Empty wine glasses announced with stubbed buds in the ashtray,

Their Hour of Union hath arrived…




(Based on a couple that won its share of isolation on their Honeymoon trip in the Lagoon Sea Village of Lankawi, an archipelago of 104 islands on the Andaman Sea.

*Langkawi‘ means ‘reddish brown eagle’ in colloquial Malay. The Malay word for eagle is helang – shortened is “lang”. Kawi means the colour reddish brown….source : Wikipedia :


For more on this exotic honeymoon locale:



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Passion Beach


Blistering gems, Moroccan pearls,

Moonlit crystals, shining bubbles, foamy ripples,

Ramble away, unfasten from necklaces disposed by the ocean,

As she modeled back and forth, to and fro,

Rejuvenated each time, more and more,

On and on, on the endless turquoise ramp,

At peace after Sunset,

Jealous bugs gone, lights none,

Under the spot beams of the watch tower,

A show for the special ones,

No paparazzi, No jumps and howls,

Missing cries of alert and nervous parents,

As their kids run towards the tide,

It was time to ecstasize naked children of passion,

Enthrall veins lost on blood, now pumping concentrated love,

Thriving euphoric, higher than high,

Entangled mortals rubbed guilt on sand,

Switched ecstatic under dark sheets of the night,

Moaned fearless,

Concealed by mature waves,

That crashed loud, crashed ceaseless,

Ensured the ship’s whistle failed to alarm,

Treasures and fortunes in its belly forgotten,

Ensured, attention starved it disappeared into the darkness,

Unnoticed, sobbing, it sailed by,

Mood on the beach flared, shared each and every kiss,

Glowed ochre to chrome, orange to red, and then blue,

Spirits bathed pure, glowed in colors true,

Sank to the depths of bliss,

Enkindled was the cold beach,

Sucked into the quicksand of ardor,

Brakes now, seemed out of reach,

Uncensored, the oceanic show went on,

The beach groaned pleasured, till dawn…







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