Personal Diaries- ‘Dancing Sane’


Something you seldom  get to see,                        

A sober responsible me,

Saving my ass, voicing righteous,

The ‘should n’ should-nots’ in chorus,

But every second summons me myself,

Lures me pathways to perdition,

Roadways to beautiful destruction,

Someday I’ll be done with debts to the seed that bore me,

Sharpen my ears and sniff my way into the woods,

Towards those faintly audible chants of poetry,

For the dragon within roars enraged imprisoned,

Scratches my walls of flesh, spits fire, burns me, bleeds me,

I hear loud ceaseless screams, “Your only morphine is Enlightenment,

The rest isn’t for you to gain,

You dance Sane, you earn Pain,

On soils richly aesthetic,

Stands your warehouse of verses for the world to cherish,

Don’t leap for all that isn’t meant for you,

You’re only a devil born to create and perish,

Your pretense shall soon fail, towards the End,

A Hungry Creator shall scurry naked again…”



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Gates of Sanity


Defined muscles of ore,

Power of metal, iron ribs,

Naturally carved Greek, mightier than Jupiter,

Served silent, served calm,

Welded for the roughest of rough,

Brains sly for evil on the streets, minds polluted dirty,

Souls seeking unbinding freedom to annihilate,

It stood tied feet, cups rubbing against each other, firmly grounded,

Angry, ready to take on enemies from both sides,

It drew a lot of hatred, attacks and ambushes,

No matter, it relentlessly comforted eyes sucked dry of hope,

It could never be tolerated by enslaved ghosts,

Tirelessly, it covered, guarded the light on sanity,

Ensured the flame flared unperturbed,

Out of reach of devilish gales,

Blown out of mouths of poisoned vipers,

Tired clinging futile onto the wrestler ingot’s child,

Their infectious fangs of slavery,

Pain starved conscienceless, it simply couldn’t care less,

Larger than life size locks bolted its grip, caught it sealed,

Flaunted twelve levers day and night, smiled wealthy unbreakable,

So thought the inmates, bouncing off it back and forth,

Like balls on the squash court,

Vigor certified by time, it has failed every try,

All the guts and gush to breakthrough,

It wouldn’t be growing older, not very soon,

Rang its earring, ‘Ting Tong’, that sultry afternoon,

Stairs whispered, discussed the unknown intruder,

They respired heavy, watchfully eyed,

Steps were hurling down,

Time to unlock, open up…




(Based on the so called “Unbreakable Detoxification Centre Gates” of the country’s toughest rehabilitation facility, Kripa Kolkata (an entirely no-camera zone))



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