The Last Party

Ran here, ran there,

They ran towards me,

Against my face,

More of them,

Rushing at me,

Couldn’t get through,

Couldn’t pass any,

Clogging my nostrils,

Blinding me,

Breathing all the black smoke,

Choking, I couldn’t see anymore,

Clashing against chests,

Trying to push me down,

Run over me,

My feet felt them everywhere,

I tripped on a leg, hand or a head,

Soon, amongst them,

More crashed on me,

Burying me suffocated,

Pressing on my eyes, my mouth and my nose,

Pitch dark, breathless, crushed, trampled,

…a ping in my ears,

And, then charred silence…



(I dedicate this post to the victims and their families of the 27th January’2013 Night Club fire in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil that claimed 245 young lives.

The world mourns the incident, and so does my country and me…)


The Urban Trap


There was no way out,

I was trapped,

Out to the balcony,

I faced a row of watchful houses,

Towering on me,

As I walked down with hands on the railing…

Alert, curious eyes were always present,

As if guarding my balcony,

Scrutinizing each and every move of mine,

Breathless, I ran down the stairs, on to the streets of Inderpuri,

Still, there wasn’t a way out…

A crisscross of narrow lanes,

With houses kissing each other,

Cars parked on both sides,

Lanes of this locality seemed under constant observation,

I ran, praying for those colorful and luxurious watchtowers to end,

Up came new blocks,

More of such similar lanes,

There simply, wasn’t a way out…

A few overcrowded parks,

Deprived of air to inhale,

Seemed mocking my exhaustion,

Signaling towards the never-ending blocks,

As if laughing at the futility of my attempts,

Only to find a place to be able to breathe,

A place to escape the constant scrutiny,

A place with no residence watching over you…

I turned back,

Ran towards the main road,

Ran out of the cluster of blocks and lanes,

I finally could see an unbent road ahead,

Could get rid of those residences,

I finally could walk on streets not ours, not yours, not mine,

Soon, I realized this road would never change,

Sure it would lead me out of Inderpuri,

But then what?

A new locality with the same road,

The same cars zooming past,

Weird strangers walking up and down,

Once, tired of this main road,

A turn into any of those localities,

Would once again trigger the scrutiny,

Land me amongst those blocks,

On those watchful lanes,

No different from the ones,

I just left behind…