Breathless Love…


Passion cried the Sitar,

Duped them the Morning Star,

Misbehaved their tiny boat, in tosses scaled the river,

No oars, no boatman, no direction to bother,

While the monsoon moaned to its wettest climax,

Tucked and tied inside, they sat glued to each other,

Lashed, spanked and drenched them, the water,

Deaf to thunder bolts echoing the tidal grove,

Unfazed, entangled in arms, they challenged Nature,

Till the clouds cleared with an embarrassed Sun’s signature,

Deserted on the backwaters of Kerala,

Many a breath, then breathless they made Love…




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7 thoughts on “Breathless Love…

  1. Boy we’ve missed that! As usual my friend, beautiful!! Now that we’re done with our books, we’ll be stopping by more frequently. & we have missed your beautiful poetry! On another note, Inion & I have a gift for you. We wanted to send you a Kindle of our two books. You’ve been such a good friend that we wanted you to have a copy. So if you could please drop a note & leave your email & we’ll send them over straightway. Thanks our friend, & once again, beautiful poem!

  2. Words for the moments, and such times, when life escalates to natures music, song, the emotion of weathers’ kept stories, that is what comes to mind as I read under a Summer blue sky, stories which come alive while writing… Incredible lines a tune to the voice..

  3. Hi Debaroon,

    I need to acknowledge for the deep thinker that you are at a young age. What resonated with me is this line, ” No oars, no boatman, no direction to bother…” As you think of this what does it signify to you? Not only in the context of the verse but otherwise. To me this can form the basis for all the Rules of our living. Unfettered, unattached, fully present.

    What has made you stop posting?


  4. Thank You tons Inion N. Mathair.I really feel blessed every time you stop by…These comments of urs made my Christmas n will make my New Year too…

    Sue and Sean I feel delighted and grateful every letter of urs,,,They made made my 2012 spent worthy…

    Shakti , to comprehend me, you have all the liberty- every eye has a vision unique………………amidst this day of targets, a scarce AIMLESS MOMENT was what I wanted to capture, therein………Thank You for every word of urs in there..I treasure them all.

    And, for an honest answer to your final question, check out the next piece…)

    I’m honored Trisha…TY

    God Bless u all 🙂

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